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Quotation1 Very good, sir Quotation2
— One of the only English phrases Triplos knows

Triplos Pajar Penguinos (born November 5, 1970 (around 2000 on Piggy Planet)) is a Bechturonish/Porcalonian/Chilean sailor/political leader that is famous for being the 1st prime minister of the Porcalonos Islands.




Cristresbal Penguinos lived in the mountains of southern Chile in the early 1800's. He was Triplos' great great great great grandfather.

in 1822, he along with his family and most of the other Chilean/Spanish/Mexican etc. birds in the world were offered a trip to Piggy Planet. Cristresbal and his family accepted the offer and blasted off to Bechturon.

Early Life

Laid in October 1970 on Earth or 2000 on Piggy Planet, and hatching 2 weeks later, Triplos was born in a small city in Western Bechturon named Mesco in the province of Tonelaves, unlike the rest of Bechturon, most of whoever lives in Tonelaves is a Spanish speaker, as it was colonized by the Spanish speaking birds.

Tonelaves among Bechturon's 21 provinces

Triplos wasn't brought into this universe alone, he was among his two triplet brothers, Tercero and Tres. Triplos was 33 seconds younger than Tercero, but 57 seconds older than Tres. They were all three peas in a pod, and always flung themselves from a slingshot together.

His parents were Alejandividir (father) and Aplastaría (mother), who raised him as a hatchling until he went to college.

Graduation and Work

In 1990 on Earth or 2006 on Piggy Planet, Triplos graduated from the UMPM or Universidad de Mesco de Pilotaje Marítimo (Mesco University of Maritime Piloting in English). This was a different college from his two brothers (Tercero went to Bibliotecario Universidad de Mesco or Mesco Librarian University while Tres went of Colegio Mesco de Construcción y Arquitectura or Mesco College of Building and Architecture). This caused some separation issues between the triplets, but they still visited each other in their new houses.

After graduating, Triplos was employed as a cruise captain and sailed throughout the Great Piggy Planet Ocean on several voyages, he did this for 28 Earth years (8.76 Piggy Planet years) until…

Organizing the Voyage

In 2018/2014, Triplos had explored so much of the GPPO (Great Piggy Planet Ocean), He'd sailed as north as Mhanket, Vertonam and as south as Staddeldewestkust, Ceduk, but the westernmost point he's ever sailed to was Jansterport Island, an unincorporated territory of Bechturon located a few hundred miles of the northwestern coast of the country.

Triplos was in his house along with his wife and daughter, Congelucia and Coponeva respectively, viewing Goobird Piggy Planet (Basically Google Earth but it's Piggy Planet), When viewing the GPPO, he faintly saw a small archipelago under a cloud, he dropped a pin on the most visible island (Loro Island), and all it said was 'Southern Piggy Planet Ocean', he contacted the executives of Goobird Piggy Planet, who replied with this.

'Estimado Triplos,

Gracias por utilizar Goopajaro Cerdita Planeta, ya que esperamos que tenga la mejor experiencia.

Acerca de la isla de la que nos contactaste acerca de, en realidad es la sombra de una nube, no una isla.

Esperamos que sigas usando Goopajaro Cerdita Planeta y disfrutarlo. ¡Adios por ahora!'

'Dear Triplos,

Thank you for using Goobird Piggy Planet, as we hope you have the best experience.

About the island you contacted us about, it is actually the shadow of a cloud, not a island.

We hope you continue to use Goobird Piggy Planet and enjoy it. Bye for now!'

Triplos was skeptical, as there should be a cloud above it in order for it to be a shadow, and the cloud near it didn't look tall enough to block enough light to create the illusion of an island's presence.

Trplos developed an obsession with finding this island and proving it's not a shadow. Eventually, he resigned from his job as cruise captain in order to find the island.

He went around telling his former coworkers, college friends, and even relatives about this and offered them a voyage to pursue this island. Nine of them accepted the offer, including his brother Tres.

The Voyage

Triplos gathered himself, the eight birds and his brother, who all together assembled a crew of ten birds.
The Crew
  • Triplos Penguinos: The Captain, piloted the ship.
  • Tres Penguinos: Co-pilot.
  • Carbón Quemador: Fueled and powered the vessel.
  • Maquinaria Corrección: Repaired the ship
  • Comando Tecolote: A strong-willed bird who piloted the ship at night, Tecolote Island was named after him.
  • Azul Jardinero: Grew rescources for the crew.
  • Lujo Canario: A fast bird who cared for his crewmates.
  • Alimenjandro Canario: Cooked food.
  • Shrike Deslizamiento: Searched for land through his mighty eyesight.
  • Bucle Gris: Helped with maps, Goobird Piggy Planet maps.

The birds assembled on the Marcisne, an small unused cruise ship, and sailed off.

They sailed across the GPPO for more than two Piggy Planet months (around 74 Earth days) until…

Arrival at Peublo Playa

Triplos woke up on the Piggy Planetian morning of August 4 2014, Comando woke him up and told him they've arrived at an unclaimed island, this being Tecolote Island, Bucle confirmed that this was part of the archipelago Triplos saw. The crew got off the cruise and brought all their belongings (that they packed on the ship) with them.

The crew settled on the island. Tres started building shelters out the islands supply of tropical trees, Alimenjandro invented several traditonal foods that many Porcalonians eat today, Azul planted trees to decorate the place, and they all managed to build a town called Peublo Playa (Translates as Beach Town).

Back then, Pueblo Playa was the second settlement in the Porcalonos (the first being Focinhoseca), it was relatively big, being around half a square mile in area and had a population of 12 (the 11th and 12th being the children of Carbón and Maquinaria, who developed a relationship on the Marcisne and got married in Peublo Playa), Peublo Playa would soon get renamed to Pajar.

Meeting the Pigs

On the Piggy Planetian morning of August 47 2014 (Piggy Planet has longer months than Earth), Triplos woke up in his cozy new unfinished house, missing his wife and daughter, wishing they where on the beautiful island with him. He could've sailed back, but the Marcisne was disassembled in order to build Peublo Playa.

Triplos went to Alimenjandro's for his breakfast 'Gusano en ensalada', until suddenly, he saw a sounder of eight pigs outside the window, Triplos had never physically seen a pig before. He approached the pigs and said 'Hola', they replied with 'Olá', as they were Portuguese speakers.

Instead of starting a war, Triplos became friends with them, and introduced them to Peublo Playa. They were taught how to speak Spanish (It worked suprisingly well, so well, they renamed Presuntos to Jamónes) and were offered to help them expand the Porcalonos, in which the birds just named after Porca (meaning pig) and Lo nos (meaning we or us (the birds and pigs)). The pigs agreed.


Upon the island's discovery, two astronomer birds who lived in Spain noticed this, and told several Spanish speaking birds and pigs that the islands were discovered via TV, social media, etc. The birds and pigs booked flights to all twelve major islands and built towns and cities such as La Pluma, Aveso, and Pico Pigo.

Triplos visited all the major islands and was amazed by how beautiful they all were.

When the first Pigpesos were made and enough people lived on the islands. On September 17 2014, Triplos was chosen to become the first prime minister of the Porcalonos.

The first thing Triplos did was declare independence from Bechturon and conquer all of the islands in the archipelago. He designed the Porcalonian flag, coat of arms, and wrote the national anthem (Our Great Lands) with his brother, Tres.

The Porcalonos was a country with a stable ecenomy and a good prime minister.

Present Day

Triplos currently resides in his new and improved home, known as 'The Igloo', in Pajar. Pajar was named after Triplos' middle name, which was his mother's maiden name.

The Igloo is a parliamentary builing (kind of like the White House) that resembles an igloo, but is made of limestone and marble. It's 36 meters tall, and hosts 3 floors.

Triplos has made many friends with other world leaders such as Exploder Krachtigensterkbird, Konnôr Flacktingsberd, and even Ovalvaguikyīng Fěnzerqdavstaken (Prime minister of Bechturon).

His wife and daughter also reside in Pajar, which makes Triplos happy.


Triplos has bluish-gray feathers with his crest feathers being light blue. He has a dark yellow beak similar in shape with Chuck. His head feathers are often combed. He is rather fat.

He also wears a dark gray suit with long sleeves that drag along the floor whenever he wonders around. A pin of the Porcalonian flag is seen on this suit.


Triplos is a strong-willed bird, with a paramount aim that is self-mastery. His guiding ideals are fortitude, justice, moderation, and a belief in the dignity of every bird and pig.

Aside from that, he's pretty fun-loving and funny.

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