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Tunnel Bird
General Info
Powers Burrowing and Impacting Foundations
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Brown Pelican
Locations: None
Strength: Moderate
Size: Large (Approximately Two Thirds the Size of Terence)

Tunnel Bird is a Brown Pelican that is about the size of green Bird, however he is actually largest

He has the Power to dig underground and hit the hard "foundations" underneath the buildings. The foundation is not affected (that's the point of the foundation), but the impact causes a mild tremor that can damage or even destroy buildings. The tremor can also kill pigs in close proximity. When the tunnel bird's power is activated, he suddenly veers downward andburrows in the ground, and then curves back up again. Tunnel Bird could be a bird that is on some levels, or he could be like the Mighty Eagle and you would have to wait an hour or a day to use him.