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It has the following minigames:


  • Ghost Avoid
  • Don't fall
  • Race Craze
  • Flappy Wings
  • Boss:Time Destroyer Bird
  • Boss:King Pig
  • Stack n' Stick
  • Say Chesse, Rare Species!
  • Cook It Fast
  • Lava HopScotch
  • Jump To The Rocket
  • 4 In 1 Puzzle Screen
  • Slingshot Legacy
  • Shadow Guessing


Image of character Name Information
Angry da Birdy THE HOST!!
Cerdan A pig that works in the milkshack
Red to Red Mcduck
Red The leader of the flock.
Gestro Has the power of ice and fire and can TRIGGERED his eyes into BLACK-ORANGE-BLUE eyes. not to mention, he is pure code, he just has life modifications in his system..
more coming soon soon tell angry if you want to join

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