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this event is a big event about cartoon network and is a quiz and attack event


  • please do not look at cartoon network shows or cartoon network for show answer
  • if you don’t have cartoon network then please do not look it up


Host HostName Description
Icey Icey is a really really special bird from being the son of frosh (or icebomb) and silver and his aunt and uncle being bomb and Matilda and really dose some weird and random stuff like go to a place that is probably 100 miles away from bird island
TriviaBird 1000 triviabird 1000 is a bird made by cerdan combo and plum he was made to ask questions
Icky Otto.png
Omegatchi Omegatchi is a Tamagotchi from Dream Town. He's a kindhearted fellow but could get into trouble unintentionally. At one time, due to an ability he used, it tampered the Dimensional Flux and he ended up having a baby.


Charater Name Description Attack
Cerdan (To be added) (To be added)


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