ConstructionCerdan This Cerdan's Board Game Blast! board is under construction and is yet to open!

Welcome to the second board of Upcoming Event: Cerdan's Board Game Blast!


  • Cerdan: Come one, Come all, to the amazing board game event. (Icey, Omega, and Luigi arrive) I see that you are ready to play?
  • Red: This time me and Cerdan are playing too!
  • Icey: Yes.
  • Omega: Of course!
  • Luigi: Oh yeah!
  • Cerdan: Okay, let's roll! And play Chuck's Beach Party! But first, let's brush up on how to play…

How to Play

1. Order of Players

Before the game starts, the players must generate a number between 1 and 100. Whoever generates the highest number goes first, whoever generates the second highest number goes second, and now you get the idea.

2. Rolling the Dice

Each player must roll two dice in order to move, they can roll two normal dice, two customised dice, or one of each. Once done so, the player moves and the next player's turn starts.

3. Landing on Spaces

Here are the spaces and what happens if you land on them.

  • Normal space: You land on it and nothing happens.
  • Blue space: You land on it and you earn 5 coins.
  • Red space: You land on it and you lose 5 coins.
  • Card space: You land on it and you draw a card.
  • Event space: You land on it and something eventful happens.
  • Minigame space: You land on it and the players play a random minigame.

4. Victory

Whoever ends up with the most coins after ten turns wins.

Ordering the Players

Here are the randomly generated numbers by the players to see who goes first.

  • Cerdan: 42
  • Red: 66
  • Icey:
  • Omega: 89
  • Luigi:

Let's Play

Chuck's Beach Party

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