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Upcoming Event: Lunar Love Race!
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Vital statistics
Participants Sign-ups going through February 9th - February 16
Date ???
Location This page

The Lunar Love Race! is an event hosted by DavetheFave11. It consists of many challenges going on at once as players race to complete them all first.

The event has not started yet, as preparations and sign-ups are underway.


Character Name Description Played as
CL2000 New.png
Combo Luigi An adventurous migrant from a mysterious Mushroom Land, and also a great cook and also a host for the birds. ComboLuigi2000
Cerdan L. Swiningston A young minion pig scout and part-time cashier at the Milkshack, and is the grandson of its founder. ExcitedGreenPig6
Painted Bunting (Me!).png
Dave the Fave (Host) A painted bunting who's egg washed up on the Piggy Island shores. Adventurous and crafty, he is hosting the race himself! Not playing, hosts the event.

Character Karts

Picture Kart Features Level
Cerdan's Milkshack Shaker (Level 1).png
Cerdan's Milkshack Shaker Cerdan didn't agree on using this kart, as he wanted to use the vehicle he made in Boot Camp, with balloons, rockets and engines, the only thing that he thinks makes this kart good is that you can spill the milk in the back of the car all over the track, causing opponents to slip over. This kart was created by an unknown pig or bird. Trainee
Combo's Cool Cruiser.png
Combo's Cool Cruiser This kart is from the Mushroom Kingdom's Mario kart races. This car looks similar to Mario's, but! It was created by Professor Egad and it uses electricity to power. When the power is triggered, Combo can summon three electric orbs surrounding him, causing anyone that touches his car to be knocked off. Trainee

Start Your Engines!

This section will expand in 5 days after the Sign-ups.