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In Birdolympics, you get to race against real and Fanon Birds (and Pigs) by completing puzzles using your bird! There are many events happening! You can sign your Fanon Birds and Pigs here, or if your avatar is already a bird or pig, you can sign up!

Sweet Rewards!

  • 1st Prize: 1,000,000,000 Lucky Coins and a free airplane ticket!
  • 2nd Prize: 2,000,000,000 Snoutlings and a free Piggyland Summer Pass!
  • 3rd Prize: 1,000,000 Snoutlings and a free Milkshack gift card!

Meet the judges!

Judge Name Info What they have to say
CL2000 Host ComboLuigi2000 The one who hosts the games and announces stuff. A good sportsbird can do well, but a true sportsbird always follows the rules, has spirit, and most importantly, doesn't look like a complete fool! Don't give me that confident look when you start winning, because that look distracts you and you will be outrun. Remember what they say-One for all and All for Nothing!
AB2 Terence
Judge Terence Decides who wins, either, he's serious. Don't judge a leader because of what he looks like, what really matters is the true sports within him.



Dark KnightHD
Judge Dark Knight Decides who wins, she has no allegiance to either side. See ya in the race! I am going to decide who wins or not. Good luck, participants! Is that a good "happy" act for you "Terence"?
MatildaToons-CL2000- First Aid Matilda She gives the most love and care to the injured. Just because you want to be in the Birdolympics, you need to be safe first, you can't participate if you've fallen down.

So far participating Birds/Pigs

Participant Name Strengths Weaknesses What they have to say
MightyRed-By CL2000- Red He has a real spirit in the Birdolympics and he is a good trainer. Not many abilities, and doesn't run as fast as Chuck. "I don't know if I will TRULY win the Birdolympics, but I do my best and never give up."
MightyChuck-By CL2000- Chuck He stops at nothing to win, and his speed is 100 mph He thinks that he's good at everything, and he hates it when he loses at speed. "Don't think you can stop me, get ready to look at the great winner, me! Don't listen to the blackbird who's participating."
Ab2 bomb
Bomb He always beats Chuck, but not in speed! His anger can get in his way and he can explode in the middle of the competition. "I blow up the competition, that's why they call me DA BOMB! Oh chuck? Yeah he seems a bit..."
The Blues
The Blues These pranksters always have enough energy ro outrun some of the best runners. They may blame each other for losing the competition (Theyr'e teamed) "We are the triple threat of this competition, to make someone cry. Our special ability? We multiply!"
Hal The opponents will laugh the other side of their beaks/snouts when Hal overuns them. He is clumsy and he can fall over his beak. "My name is HAL, not Al!!! Oh yes, my speech, I just like nature and I won't be very harsh on other ongoing opponents."
Smoothcheeks King Angry
King Smoothcheeks Not much, he only loves sweet food and he hates exercise. He only wants to win. He always throws tantrums if he can't win. "I'm sure to win the competition and I can win cause I am the king. HEY CHEF PIG, GET ME MORE CUPCAKES!"
Callahan He moves quick and can distract others with jokes. He only moves at top speed when moving downward, and he can get carried away by his jokes. "I came much earlier than the others, just for the worm."
Cerdan Swiningston He uses karate as an advantage and focuses a lot. He gets exhausted presumably quickly, not knowing what hit him, and gets distracted normally. "One thing to say is, that I'm a green, Birdolympic machine!"
Bubbles He puffs up, and can push other opponents right outta his way! Bubbles LOVES candy, and other opponents can distract him by just throwing one peice of a sweet. "You won't be able to stop me easily. Get in my way and with a little puff, every bird (and pig) will soar outta my way!"
Pumpkin Pig
Pumpkin He is an EXCELLENT Hide-and-Seek player, and can hide in his hat for protection. He also lobs sticky goo. This proud piggie can sometimes get stuck in his own sticky goo. "I disguised myself as a pumpkin and gooed Birdolympic guards for fame. When the birds saw me, they let me in their games!"
Corporal Pig Corporal's helmet is tough and can protect it from incoming obstacles. He fearlessly charges into battle time and time again-no matter how many times he is beaten. This guy loves yelling, he's thick as two rashers of bacon, despite that, he isn't smart enough to dislike anything. still, you can count on the leader of the pig get things wrong. "I've trained for years. I should make the cut in. Right pigs? PIGGIES!!!!!
Barry If players try to chuck anything at him in a duel, he can repell them back! He also can grab items with his vaccum-like powers. He isn't very good in social situations. He isn't depressed or anything, but he's been alone for so many years and has lost his touch.

Also cowardly at times.

Sasha Don't get this bird agitated! A master of sharpshooting and archery,

get her agitated and you'll get a feather to the butt!

She can freak out if she gets muddy, gets hurt suddenly,

or is tricked.

" I'm here to show Gale who the better royalty is once and for all. And I also want the cupcakes."
Sky bird Huge
Skyler She is a very fast runner, but was never good at much else other than electrocuting birds/pigs. She has a an issue of rage. Whenever she loses, she rages and usually electrocutes the other pig/bird. This can even distract her in races. "I'm sure I can win! There's no doubt, even the pigs root for me! Right Piggies?"
Add pictures here! Shade A kindhearted fellow who has shapeshifting powers. He’s just here to spice up the competition Has evil problems. I’m all fired up! I hope I glide through the competition without failure.
Dane[1] Yells At Somebody's Ears to make em slow down. He Sometimes Trips Because He Is A Little Clumsy Or Because Of Distractions "You Know Me! I'm The Loudest Bird!

I can yell so loud even when your in china you can hear it!!

and i'm gonna make this competition as loud as i can!"


Picture Name Description Who they're rooting for
MinionPigToons Minion Pigs "Go King! You can do it! (Much Later:King's a fat fatso!)" Everypig
Glue Pig Glue Pig "I glued myself to this seat so that I don't miss any action. I just hope I don't have to go number 2." Cerdan, King Pig, Pumpkin
Jetpack Pig AB3
Jetpack Pig "I just came back from the restroom, what did I miss?" Chuck (he has a bet)
Holly OoD
Holly "I am hoping for everyone who entered! Except Bubbles, he seems a bit off at the moment." Callahan, Hal, all participants
Garretto "I might sit down for this one. But I'm cheering on for my best buddies, The Blues." The Blues
Firepork "I'm getting the pig victory fireworks ready. Already." All pigs (Secretly Chuck)
Hamstronaut "I came back from the moon 16 days early for this occasion. Totally worth it." Everypig
Fire Bird 3
Magma Bird We couldn't interview him due to him changing appearance. We don't know
Mintie "I wished i've pick everyone to win but no, i want to cheer on my best friends: the blues." Barry, The Blues, Chuck

Events so far

  • Bird Ball! (Piggy Island sport)
  • Brawl Blast
  • Hurdling
  • Slingshot Sniping Shootout
  • Speedrunning
  • Long Jump
  • Chili Eating
  • Skipping Stones (Extreme Parkour Edition)
  • Haunted House surviving
  • Hide, seek, and run
  • Tennis
  • 200 Meter dash
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