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  1. 1st Place - Gold Badge
  2. 2nd Place - Silver Badge
  3. 3rd Place - Bronze Badge
  4. The people who didn't win anything - Badge of Participation


Image Name and Job Description Comment
CL2000 New He choose what the games you'll play and announces news about the event. "Always expect the unexpected... I'll probably throw something into the event to make it harder!"
Terence He makes the descision of who the winner is and is very serious about the game. "I believe that no-matter what your strength is that this will be fair and that my descision will be just."
Matt He will help those who are injured with care. "I believe this will be a fun event, but you must take care."


Image Name Strength Weakness Comment
Seamuskt448 Koopa as Seamus IDK enough about the event to know how to fill this out IDK enough about the event to know how to fill this out IDK enough about the event to know how to fill this out
HalAB2CL2000 Creeps as Hal Swings back like a boomerang sometimes he trips over his long beak ''im in for the fun. And that prize would help a lot. ill probably buy a new banjo.
SoundWave Soundwave Can blow things back with his soundwave. Is often laid back and dosen't put all is effort in. "This competition seems like it'll be fun, but I want to get a gift card for BoarBucks so I'm aiming for third."

Crowd Members

Image Name Comment Supporting


  1. Snowboarding
  2. Sledding
  3. Curling
  4. Swimming (I know, it's cold, that's the challenge!)
  5. Ice hockey
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