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  • I live in a place of Brexit, tea and a whole lot of roadmen
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is working on Comedy Comics
  • I am kewl
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(I’m not really gonna make that much stuff right now. I don’t exactly have the motivation to make pages)

Hello there! I’m ButterBlaziken230, an editor of this wiki. What’s up?


Best Friends

  • Cerdan: I used to not like him because of the fact he eternally despises Fandom Creeper and his weird opinion on Angry Birds Movie 2, but I like him now.
  • ComboLuigi2000: He is very nice and makes an excellent admin on this here wiki. Should probably be promoted to a bureaucrat.
  • Fandom Creeper: He’s a friendly guy who I have a lot in common with. He’s also hated for some reason.
  • NopeNop: He’s a chill guy who sometimes plays forum games. I played Animal Crossing with him once. He even helped me get through depression relating to Scratch.


  • Icebird: We play together a lot on Animal Crossing and he’s working on my wiki called Comedy Comics.
  • Yoshipea: A cool guy who’s active on threads. He seems like a pretty nice dude.

Good Neutrals

  • DaveTheFave: He deserves content mod by the looks of things. He’s also very mature.
  • CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows: He used to act quite disrespectfully to a a certain dude with depression, but nowadays he’s quite friendly.
  • ThePinkDrop: Takes questionable paths forward for Numberlemon Wiki every now and then, but sometimes he's a really friendly admin if you get along with him. If not, he's a jerk.


  • Jaydob04: He sometimes acts like a jerk and sometimes does questionable things, but he makes good YouTube content and amazing Scratch games.


  • Any user I’ve ranted on in User Rants


  • TSRITW: If you wanna know why I despise this guy, check out the blog I made about him. I don’t wanna have to repeat myself, you know what I’m sayin?

Communities I’ve Been In

  • Object Shows Community: It’s quite a chill one. There are a few characters in there, but it’s overall alright. In the Object Show Community wiki, I am ranked #8 in badges and have over 10K edits. Also, the BFDI wiki was my first ever wiki. The only bad thing is that there’s a lot of childish people and drama is frequent. For example, someone stole my art and claimed it as his OC.
  • Numberblocks Community: To sum it up, this community sucks. The Numberblocks wiki has pretty much turned into a warzone/breeding grounds for trolls and vandals. Half the pages are protected due to vandalism and a lot of admins are inactive. The Fanon spinoff wikis which are more popular are pretty toxic as well since there are users who harass people for an opinion.


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