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Oh hi fellow user, my name is ComboLuigi2000 (or Combo for short), I am a big fan of Angry Birds and Minecraft. I started editing in 2018, being unsure of most things; but now I've created cool games like Angry Birds Blues: The Game, and the most popular of them all, Angry Birds Ultimate.

I create my games in a very interesting way, with extra-lengthy descriptions inspired by the almanac from PvZ, confusing game names and cringy jokes, for example, who would even come up with a name such as Angry Birds: Red's Pig Eggventures. WeLl I WoULd! I have many friends in the wiki, like Cerdan, Dave, Icey, Gestro and Omega. I like to do stuff here!

Anyway, hope y'all have a fun time!

My Backstory

I, Combo, was an adventurer in a place called The "Mushroom Kingdom". You guys may already know about it, I'm not a brother or a relative of the famous plumber, Mario, but I am a clone. Created by a Professor named E. Gadd when he completely failed at making a clone of Mario, then, I was known as a "third brother". Though, I am different from both Mario or his brother, Luigi. I speak in an English accent rather than an Italian accent, and we both like different things, but we were still friends at that time.

And then, everything changed. 9bout the time of "Super Smash Bros Ultimate", I was scrolling down on the latest news from "Funginews". All of a sudden, I heard lots of banging and scramble outside (which hurt my ears). It was Mario destroying most of the Kingdom's property, I said: "Mario, stop destroying the Kingdom's property!". I knew I shouldn't have said that as he turned to me with evil, red eyes. So I knew I had to run as fast as I can to pack my stuff and get on to the Mushroom Kingdom's boat.

It took me about three days to get onto shore, and as I got there, I heard snorting, and I said to myself: "Ah, finally, signs of life!" It was a green, ball-shaped pig with a curly tail, he acted very innocently. But suddenly, I remembered about a game I played in the Mushroom Kingdom, called Angry Birds, with Green Pigs as enemies..."I'M ON PIGGY ISLAND!" I shouted.

The flock from the game had heard me shout, and ran there. They fought the pig thinking that the pig tried to hurt me, as a wave of pigs came which the flock couldn't handle, I used my special ability, Electro-ball, and the shock had zapped most of them, rest fleeing like scaredy cats. From onwards, I became a member of the flock, although I'm not a bird. The first thing I needed to do is take out the tower that the pigs made so that they don't use it as an advantage to steal the eggs easily. I had a totally different idea in mind; remove all the pigs and turn the tower into a nice hotel for me and some of my bird friends!

My job is to cook and host events like The Birdolympics! As of joining this very wiki, I became friends with a pig named Cerdan Laurion Swingston. I go to the Milkshack sneakily, since then I am the pigs' enemy, my favorite drink there is hot cocoa. But I have no idea how they get their milk. (It's actually imported) My favorite hobbies are to take out bad piggies for the flock, make potions and discover for Plum, and hosting events.

To-do list

Other stuff that I like

  • Minecraft - Lots of fun features, blocks, items and mobs! Lets you customize the game without having to hack it. Can be educational. (Sorry, Cerdan)
  • PvZ - A great, fun, tower defense game with many plants to defend your house from the undead.

(P.S. I don't really like Nintendo now because, first of all, my "joke article" on Fantendo got people really angry because it wasn't humorous, two, I got bored. My avatar was when I used to like Mario, but I still keep this avatar because I'm actually a clone of Mario)

  • Undertale - Because of Gestro.

Stuff that I hate

  • Roblox - I don't exactly hate it, but the graphics are just sad. And the death sound hurts my ears. Some elements of this are pretty good though.
  • Fortnite - Bad influences (mostly from the internet), and is complete cancer that almost everybody plays. I rate this game -Infinity/10.
  • Memes and MLG (Except Rage Comics) - Most of them don't make any sense, and also, bad influences. -._(..)_.-
  • Lovelive - Because Omega brought it up. It's invading our chats, literally...
  • Puyo Puyo - Same thing with Lovelive.
  • Animal Jam - One of the worst things created. It's so friggin overrated and it's literally destroying this community.
  • PETA!!! - One of the worst/psychopathic/unethical/inhumane large animal companies that I really hate! It was all peaceful until the world gives us PETA...


Username: ComboLuigi2000

Real-life name: Combo Luigi (It stinks to be a clone of Mario and named after Luigi)

Aliases: CL2000, Mr. Weegee, Your Average Grey Mario Prototype, 3rd Mario Boi with a Funny Name(Well that doesn't matter cuz Mario's name is Mario Mario)

Lives in: A Hotel built by some helpful pigs in South Beach. (Which I stole borrowed)

Occupation: A chef, a host of big parties and working here on this wiki.

Excels in: Birdology (Study of Birds)


My Opinion On Other Users

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Please don't get angry at me if you're on the list.


  • ExcitedGreenPig6 - He's a cool piggy, and a good friend. Cerdan helps me with some of my articles on the wiki and I also try helping with his ones too. We did some collaborations together and he was the first user I met (besides Utkar, since that was a bot)
  • Nopenop33 - A cool content moderator that gives me great ideas to add as an admin and lets me know if there's any vandals or spammers so I can teach them a lesson.
  • Icebird2019 - He likes to give me suggestions for Angry Birds Ultimate. He's a good friend to have around.
  • GestroPlays - A helpful person who's friendly and gets involved in most of our chats.
  • Yoshipea -It's always Luigi time when he's around!
  • Yoshi1219 - He's a pretty cool administrator on this wiki that helps to keep the bad spammers away. He also creates really cool stuff, especially his own franchise (The WALL-E AU)! Yoshi's the one who inspired me to be an admin.
  • Omega138 - Like Icey, he helps out a lot. He used to put weird anime stuff into his pages and our chats. Now he doesn't.
  • SweetSquidTea-Similar to Yoshifan, we know each other. He also made a really good loading screen for Angry Birds Ultimate (ComboLuigi2000).
  • ButterBlaziken - Pretty cool guy and good friend overall. He had invited me to a wiki me and Cerdan work on and creates some nice games on this wiki.


  • Elec20-A new user, and a good friend that I like.
  • DavetheFave11 - He joined a collaboration with me and Cerdan, but he's just too much of an art critic nowadays and practically wants things to be perfect.
  • Creepyenderpig - He's a good friend and he's as cool as he looks, trust me! He may need to improve on his grammar, though...
  • J8rdanBird - He made a really cool bird and really likes my bird, Blaser. Oh yeah, he made me a moderator on his Angry Birds discord.
  • Utkar22 - I don't see him too often but like Yoshi, he is a good administrator and bureaucrat on the wiki. He also promoted me to administrator, too!
  • RedTheBird2009 - A pretty cool user which I met on Discord. His server is cool and he also made some birds based off mine.


  • FANDOM Creeper-Used to do immature things but later apologized for misbehaving in a comment. However, Cerdan despises him a lot. He is a bit of a grammar person but I still treat him as a friend.


  • Everyone else I didn't put here.


  • RainbowCakes4Life or Pink Chocolate - She wants Angel Red Bird in every single game. She also gave endless, useless and pointless punishments to Utkar22 just because he blocked her.
  • Angrybirds720 or Chef Peepee - Makes endless amounts of poor Wingman Games.
  • Pokemonsunandmoon fan - Edits others' pages without permission.
  • MapleSugarThirty-Three - He/she blamed me for not paying attention because of MFD spamming on the wiki when I was just freaking sleeping at night and going to school! Don't you know there's a thing called time zones and that there are also other admins and from all of them, you pick me? At least he/she helped when MFD was attacking...

More Annoying than Angrybirds720

  • CurransWeegeesScribbleAJ He comments weird and childish things on his own Message Wall, usually with grammatical errors. He is the friend of AngryBirds720 and sometimes I think that he is AngryBirds720 in disguise.

Eternal Despises

  • Apathetic Cow (Not actual name)-A spammer on this wiki that won't stop creating those pointless sockpuppets just to get blocked. He also tells Yoshi that his accounts are not sockpuppets and insults him and other users with coarse words. I can't say his full name because it uses swear words. For some reason, he comes back at unexpected times, and when least expected.
  • Ben4497098-A meany/plagiariser/vandalizer that keeps on plagiarising mine/others' articles. Ben's articles are very low quality and are just galleries. To add up, he keeps on vandalizing Angry Birds Ultimate, one time he kept on changing "Red Berries" into "Miracle Berries". He also likes to get angry at people if they don't follow what he says. He made me angry to the point I had to put him on the Block Requests Board.
  • Unknownerrordontblockme - Says "just kidding" to evade problems on this wiki. Works with Angry on their so-called "Fanon Central" which they "revived". The pages there are low quality and extremely short. When I complained that two wikis were hard to keep track of, he blocked me and the summary said "SHUT UP YOU [CENSORED] IDIOT".
  • Angry101 - The user that I probably hate... the most. He was just annoying to me at first. Angry revived deleted pages and vandalised pages. His usual excuses are "The owner said it was free to edit" but those were dated pages which the owner did not work on anymore. But, it got much worse from there. He "revived" the Fanon Central, which he ruled like a literal dictator. He was okay with poor pages, but would ban anyone who "hated" his wiki. In other words, saying that the wiki was hard to keep track of. He'd keep himself blinded to the perspective and continue working on the wiki.

Favorite Angry Birds

  • Red, maybe not a likely choice, but his ability in AB2 is sick! And he is very determined and protective too.
  • Chuck, not because of his speed but because of his ultimate fails that crack me up like an egg.
  • The Blues, Maybe not their power but they like to prank a lot of birds. Pigs too!
  • Bomb, because his explosion is really powerful, especially against the stone.
  • Hal, because he is a calm banjo player, that can sometimes be smart but also clumsy. We need to give him some attention, people!!!
  • Bubbles, because he's funny and cute. This candyholic may be small(most of the time) but is just as big as a joker as the Blues.

Favorite Bad Piggies

  • Minion Pigs, because they are pigs and they are dumb.
  • King Pig, because he is the most dumbest pig and also the most fattest, after eating so many cupcakes, he still wants to eat the eggs.


If there's any pages that need to be deleted or restored from vandalism or spam, just post a message on my message wall. I would be happy to help!

May I use your art/characters?

Of course you can! However, please ask me for permission first since I am serious when it comes to things like continuities and timelines and I need to know all there is to know about the game.

What I use to edit my pictures

  • IsoPix Pro
  • Lunapic Photo Resizer

My Fanon Birds

My Version of Already Existent Birds

Activity Feed

Here's a daily dose of what's happening on the wiki!

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...No, seriously, that's it.

STOP! There's nothing else!

You'll regret this...

Hey?! What are you doing here? You just broke the fourth wall! Well, are you looking for an easter egg? Then here it is.

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