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  • My occupation is Stuff
  • I am IRON MAN

Hi I'm CreepyEnderPig I love Angry Birds and MineCraft. I am new to this wiki so I have not made many pages but I post some cool one like Angry birds the legend of hal

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My Opinions on Other Users

Good People

  • Koopa A good person that helps me a-lot.
  • Soundwave Likes to help the wiki as much as he can and is a cool guy.
  • Combo makes a lot of cool stuff and is a very good admin.

To do list

  1. give all of Ice bombs flock there own pages.
  2. make a new game that I'm not gana tell you the name yet
  3. give Angry Birds Aquatic pictures
  4. work more on Angry Birds The Legend of Hal
  5. work more on Angry Birds Aquatic
  6. work more on Rick
  7. work more on Star
  8. work more on iIce bombs flock


  • Minecraft
  • animal jam
  • legos
  • the legend of Dave the villager
  • dog man
  • captain underpants
  • funny cats
  • mario
  • kirby

my stuff


galrely of stuff

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