OK, so I somewhat joined late, no, VERY late (?). I hope 1 day to be a perminate admin. I'm working on my own Angry Birds game, or, at least the idea, here on the wiki. Please only suggest characters to be added. Edits maken without permision given (unless it's replacing and/or fixing templates) No inopropriate suggestions (Nothing involving swearing, blood and/or gore, and inoproprate images, to keep it kid-friendly, yes, it is aimed at kids.) Suggest ideas here .

Tabby Slime SP.png

My Games

Angry Birds KleptoCats (Ideas Open, E for Everyone, Puzzle.)

Angry Birds: Corrupted More (Work In Progress, Horror)

My Events

Fan Made Upcoming Event: Angry Birds Epic Redux (Event Preperation)

Events participating in.

These are the events that I'm participating in:

Upcoming Event: Angry Birds Trivia Time! (By User:ComboLuigi2000)

(Upcoming) Angry Birds Legendary Adventure Event! (By User:DavetheFave11)

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