aka Oliver

Bureaucrat Administrator
  • I live in England
  • My occupation is admin on some wikis, beuricrat on some, patroller on one, and just plain user on some.
  • I am Male

Hi I am darkapple, my favorite series of books is the gone series, my 5 favorite youtube channles are (in no order) smosh, roviomobile, Danboe, reallyannoying orange, jsuvlian (the one wich make angry birds craptastic adventures.)

I also own a 5 inch red bird plush, a 3 inch blue bird plush, a 5inch yellow bird plush, a 5 inch white bird plush, a 5 inch average pig plush and an 8 inch yellow bird plush. For my birdday, I'm hoping to get a 5 inch green bird plush.

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