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If you are reading this, it means I am a pig.


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I have a rating system for this case.

  • Perfect (10/10)
  • Amazing (9/10)
  • Great (8/10)
  • Decent (7/10)
  • Good (6/10)
  • Meh (5/10)
  • Dislikeable (4/10)
  • Bad (3/10)
  • Loathsome (2/10)
  • TERRIBLE (1/10)
  • Unknown (?/10) (Used when I don't know what to rate something yet or if I know very little about something.)


  • Angry Birds, Amazing (9/10), (A violent, but addictive game loved by many)
  • Angry Birds Seasons, Perfect (10/10), (A bigger, more colossal version of Angry Birds)
  • Angry Birds Rio, Great (8/10), (A nice crossover)
  • Angry Birds Space, Perfect (10/10), (A neat game with awesome gravity physics and sweet new bird powers.)
  • Angry Birds Friends, Perfect (10/10), (A nice Angry Birds game with TONS of new features)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars, Great (8/10), (Another nice crossover)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II, Amazing (9/10), (A version of Angry Birds Star Wars with more new features.)
  • Angry Birds Go!, Amazing (9/10), (The racing genre makes it more unique)
  • Angry Birds Epic, Perfect (10/10), (The concept and physics of this game truly are EPIC!)
  • Angry Birds Transformers, Amazing (9/10), (Fun gameplay with plenty of features)
  • Angry Birds Stella, Decent (7/10), (A bit too girlish for me, but I like its concept)
  • Angry Birds Fight!, Great (8/10), (Was fun, but it could've been better)
  • Angry Birds 2, Perfect (10/10), (Same description as ABSeasons.)
  • Angry Birds Action, Amazing (9/10), (It was good while it lasted, and I enjoyed it very much)
  • Angry Birds Blast!, Perfect (10/10), (Addictive and extremely fun, with a lot of features)
  • All other Angry Birds games, Unknown (?/10), (All the games above are the only ones I played, honestly)


  • Angry Birds Toons, Amazing (9/10), (Interesting tales, though, with some small flaws.)
  • Piggy Tales, Perfect (10/10), (A very amazing spin-off featuring pigs.)
  • Angry Birds Stella (animated series), Great (8/10), (A neat game that has been amazingly executed as a animated series.)
  • Angry Birds Blues, Great (8/10), (A nice spinoff featuring The Blues.)
  • Angry Birds on the Run, Great (8/10), (Nice storyline, but the birds just don't look very realistic.)
  • Angry Birds Zero Gravity, Great (8/10), (Entertaining, but it could have been better.)
  • The Angry Birds Movie, Perfect (10/10), (It had an amazing storyline, funny jokes, and the ending was just heartwarming.)
  • The Angry Birds Movie 2, Dislikeable (4/10), (The concept of Zeta is far too focused and should have been more focused on Red, and Zeta's plan, who even thought about snow and ice? Bomb is just a weird creep, and the jokes aren't as funny. Additionally, Chuck and Silver are siblings in the continuity of this movie, which should be changed, also, Silver looks nothing like she's supposed to. This proves that the trailers for sequels are never as expected.)


see User:ExcitedGreenPig6/Pigventures.

Lengths of a Pig

Unlike humans, we pigs don't use imperial feet and inches or metric metres and centimetres, we use a completly different system.

  • Cades are the smallest unit of pig length. they are 0.3192685039 inches (8.10942 mm) long. Cade is an old piggish word meaning "small".
    • However, they are such things as Millicades, they are 1,000 millicades in a cade, therefore making a millicade 0.0003192685 inches (or 8.10942 micrometres), but a 1,000th of a millicade is a microcade, and a 1,000th of a microcade is a nanocade, then a picocade, then a femtocade, then an attocade, and so on.
  • 20 Cades make up a sork, which is equal to 6.3853700787 inches (16.21884 cm). Sork is old piggish for "second".
  • 6 sorks equal 1 murent. One murent is 3.1926850394 feet (or 97.31304 cm). Murent means "Moderate" in old piggish.
  • 12 murents make up a furf, which is 38.31222047244 feet (11.6775648 metres). Furf means "Fourth".
  • 215 furfs are a lug. A lug is 1.560062007874 miles (2.510676432 km), lug translates as "long".
  • The final pig measurement is so vast, it can only exist in space. one biyerph is made up of 170 Million lugs, hence, biyerphs are 265,210,541.33858266 miles (426,814,993.44 kilometres). Biyerphs get their names from "Biy" meaning Beyond and "Erph" meaning earth.

Hence, they are 526.32 Trillion cades in a Biyerph.


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