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aka Creeper the Undrawn Sheep

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is No frickin clue
  • I am a panda eating cake
  • Bio I like cheese, sheep, pizza, lemonade, wikia, Angry Birds, PvZ, Gamemaker Studio, and the concept of electricity
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I'm Creeper the Sheep! I live in Farrowsburough, Rohoveyan, and am an aspiring Piggy Planet traveller! You can check out my BeakTube channel at Creepersnail. Don't forget to subscribe there!

I've lived in the USA before, and therefore am fluent in both systems from each places. Like measuring, date, and degree format to name a few. I know Celsius, Farenheit, Metric, Imperial, and the MMDDYYYY/DDMMYYYY formats because I am from both the USA and Canada. So, no need to convert anything so I'll understand, because I'll understand! (Unless you use the Burmese system)


Opinions on other users. I'm only putting people who I've socialized with or seen active during my time on this wiki here.


  • Combo - A great admin and help to this wiki. He's friendly and has some cool OC's such as this one. Electric Pal!
  • Butter - A good friend. We work on comics on Comedy Comics wiki and we both play Animal Crossing, and we get along well. We also have common interests such as BFDI, Roblox, and Angry Birds. Comic Maestro!
  • Pyro - We're great friends and have a ton in common! Unfortunately, he has become virtually inactive.
  • Turtle - An excellent friend that has good art. We've worked together a lot, but he sadly went inactive about a year and a half ago and I still miss him.


  • Nope - He's a cool guy, but sometimes I don't understand what he's saying, or the other way around, and it's just big confusion.
  • Gestro - A nice guy I guess. He has some pretty good games and creations, and he likes fun, which is a good personality in my book. Cool cat! (Current account)
  • Cerdan - This guy has been a rollercoaster of opinions for me, I have no idea where to begin. I guess we should forget the time I was in his eternal despises, and references teamwork in Piggy Planet creations and how we're way better at co-operationg now.
  • Dave - Daev! But seriously, he's a good guy and I'm very excited for ABLA! His art is amazing, and I'm taking inspiration from it when I make my art! Heck, he was kinda the reason I downloaded Firealpaca at all!
  • Squidy - Inky! A great timeline that he has going, as well as good art! However, with the conclusion of his timeline with AB: SL, we may see inactivity from him. He also has some opinions I disagree with, and it's kinda annoying he doesn't have enough evidence to back up his perspective.
  • Matrix - Spongy! His Piggy Planet creations and art are utterly mind-boggling, and I appreciate him a ton! Also the fact that he has returned means he's realizing this wiki has potential!
  • Luigi - Everything's fun when Luigi's around! Well, his RP's can get a bit out of hand
  • Wither - A good user with a good sequel to the AB Star Wars timeline
  • Nick - He's a nice person whose game has a lot of potential


  • Yoshi - A good admin because of his adminship, but I do not like his personality. I've improved with my reaction to this over the years, but I still don't like him too much.
  • Utkar - A respectful admin who does his job when it is needed. He can see what needs changing and what doesn't, and our wiki wouldn't function at all if it weren't for him promoting Yoshi and Combo. However, he did promote Cerdan when he was undeserving for being a loser in his own wiki.
  • Spaghet - A cool guy, but he's not the most active. He has some good creations, though.
  • Benny - He's a great artist, a good coder, composer, and person as a whole, but he was underage. He's allowed to come back now, but I think it's been so long he sort of forgot a bit. Too bad
  • Electric - A nice dude who's always there to stop the piggies!


Everybody else I didn't put on here


  • Omegatchi - For shoving anime in our faces and shamelessly putting it in Angry Birds games where it seems so out of place. But, he's recovering, so I guess that's a plus.
  • Mario - Way too many crossovers for my liking. I mean, some are imaginable, but his AB Epic sequel has like 2 million, and all of his numerous games have crossovers pretty much. He disrespected Icey's opinion, even if he apologized later for it...and a lot of his creations are really weak or UO.


  • Icey - Used to be my friend, but he's really annoying. He thinks it's ok to make people like me suffer so he can look dumb as Patrick. That makes no logical sense. He's also 14 and not very smart even though he lives in Missouri. He also thinks it's fun to kill animals that also have a life too such as hogs, deer, and ducks! That's just inhumane! I can't accept this guy at all. He also doesn't seem to care much about coronavirus because he still travels around a lot, and has sleepovers/visits. On top of that, he still hates Omega even though Omega apologized, and he still makes fun of him. He complains about Omega shoving anime in our faces last year, but he kinds shoves AJ in our faces, so.....Name one good property this dude has. Thought so.
  • Ben - A user who has cursed and just became worse and worse even becoming a troll at the end of his life on ABF before getting blocked. He started out as a half-decent user, though.


  • Apathetic Cow - I'm not gonna feed him.
  • Radesyoyohamag - A vandalizer who's a big jerk. Good thing he was blocked quickly. He's a thing of the past.
  • Koopa - This almost deserves a section unto itself below the trolls, along with two others that are below. I wish they never existed. Ever. These 3 make me feel like an elite brat and I hate them a lot. If I dwell on their actions too long, I can even start to cry. I have been on Fandom for 3 years, and never have I ever seen anything I hate so much as him and the two below. I won't get into what they did now, though, but they're big bullies to me. Luckily, like Radesyoyohamag, they're things of the past
  • Wallpea - Same as Koopa
  • GDG - Same as Koopa

Facts about me that disappoint me

  1. I could do something with my life but I'm not doing it
  2. I created by YT channel in January 2016, and in more than 4 years have still not posted a single video

Story surrounding my userbox

At the very top of this page, you will find my avatar with a box next to it including my username, edits, bio, and alias. However, the "I am" section, actually supposed to before gender, is marked as "a panda eating cake." That description has been there for quite a while, longer than all the other info in the box. Why though? It's not a gender, and nothing about it has anything to do with me. After all, I'm a sheep, and I don't really like cake. Well, back in the first grade (Year 1 for some others), I was sitting at a table behind some other people. They were talking about drawing stuff, and one of them said "draw a panda eating cake!" The person drew a cake eating a panda. The requester said "panda eating cake, not cake eating panda!" The artist said "Oohhhhh....I thought you meant panda-eating cake. Like, a cake that eats pandas." That really stuck with me. It was the first thing I'd ever heard that portrays not only 2 meanings, but 2 opposite meanings. When I created my fandom account, one of the first times I edited by userbox, I put that in. It's just what I am I guess even though that would be one of the last things you think of when you think of me.

Legit good music that's overmemed

  • Giorno's theme
  • Gourmet Race
  • USSR Anthem
  • Megalovania
  • Tetris theme
  • Attack on Titan theme
  • Mr Blue Sky
  • Astronomia
  • NES Ducktales Moon Theme
  • It's been so long
  • Revenge

What have I made?

I am working on a timeline, but it's set on a temporary hiatus due to work on Piggy Planet-related articles (mostly related to Rohoveyan [look it up in the search bar])

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