To everyone reading this: I am starting to lose intrest in angry birds i will become inactive on this wiki

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"Hello I like M&M's!" -Me


Hi guys, I am Icebird2019, and I am a fan of Unikitty, BFDI, Angry Birds, and more!

Stuff I like

Before you read this, just because I like stuff you might hate, that doesn't mean I'm trying to make you mad. Anyway, on to the list!

  • Total Drama - Just an awesome series that I like
  • Mario - A pretty awesome game series
  • Unikitty - An awesome Cartoon Network series like Total Drama
  • Angry Birds - I wouldn't be on this wiki if I didn't like it!
  • The Simpsons - Just its a funny show to watch and its just a great cartoon

( I like more stuff, but I'm not gonna list everything)

Stuff I HATE!!!

Lovelive - I hate everything about it

Gacha Life - if you play Animal Jam, you will know why: IT'S TAKING OVER THE ANIMAL JAM COMMUNITY!

PETA - They get angry over very little things like Bo Peep's new look in Toy Story 4

Progessive Commercials - UGH SO ANNOYING!!!!!

My icons

My opinion of other users


ComboLuigi2000 Makes awesome games

DavetheFave11 Same as Combo, he makes awesome game

ExcitedGreenPig6 He's a pretty cool piggy

GestroGames441 Made a flock that is pretty awesome, and I made him a bureaucrat on my wiki[1]

ButterBlaziken230 He's a really cool guy, he is apart of this community, and the BFDI wiki.


Bird2Pig9371/Bird2pig937 He's pretty cool (no offence to him, but to me his OC just looks like Space Red copied and pasted)

Good Neutrals

Omega138 He doesn't do any bad things, but sometimes he's just SO ANNOYING! (Hmmm it might be because he calls me Icey on YouTube)

SuperAngryBirdies: We don't know if we can become friends yet, but we'll see soon


Everyone I did not put on here


Ben4497098 Really rude. He even said the bad F word, and yes, I know I also made an unoffical version of ABU, but he did a really, really annoying one

More Annoying Than Ben4497089

Any spammer or vandalizer that is just annoying

66g52gwt6tgwgw2g wy67w3y673ww LITERALLY GOT RID OF ONE PAGE COMPLETELY!

Angry101: Well hes is very childish and immature, hes underaged and mainly hes just super annoying most users on this wiki dont like him

Worst People!

Pokemonsunandmoon fan Vandalizes pages, and he vandalzied one of my pages!

BEEEEP Had to censor his name. He is so annoying!!!!! He has a code name for him, and he has 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 socks and vandal accounts!!!

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