Know Every about cp

aka Tony Stark

  • I live in Stark Tower, New York
  • My occupation is A Great scientist of my time, inventor and creator of Iron Man Armors, New York Billionaire, Avenger
  • I am the Iron Man
Know Every about Cp

Full Name

Anthony Howard Stark


Tony Stark, Iron Man, The Mechanic


Stark Industries™ owner

Games Created

see Allan-Stark Industries™#Allan-Stark Apps


Xilam and Rovio Togs
Alexander Bryan Luthor


Allan Jones


Stark Industries™



I am the president, owner and founder of the multinational enterprise Stark Industries™ that created develops high tech items, mobiles, tablets, apps and formerly weapons.

My enterprise partnered with Rovio to create games such as Angry Birds: World. They start partnering on January 2015 for the development of Angry Birds Around the World.

Games by Me

Birds by Me

About Me

I think I am good in graphics and I have great ideas. I like to finish a game before starting to create another one, but sometimes I can't resist.

I had an idea to create a group of people who would help each other creating games to make users to join creativity + ideas + graphics + hardworking. It worked for a good time, but now, things are starting to get strange.

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