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  • I live in Nowhere-land
  • My occupation is Time-waster
  • I am Trtl
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Ayy, hey there buddy! Lots of stuff to cover, so let's get started!

Actually, there's not mcuh to cover, but we'll get started anyway...

I have a youtube channel and an animal jam account and a discord, but that's it :|

Headlines and Info

I am currently working on Angry Birds: The West Side. There is soon to be a sequel!

The sequel is called Angry Birds: The Flux! What's it about? Wait and see!

Angry Birds: The Flux happens a little after AB: TWS, rather than directly after it. It also happens after another game that has to do mainly with the original flock called Angry Birds: Engineering Entropy.


It has come to my attention I have not yet properly introduced myself. I am Koopa Troopa 448. My name comes from the fact that I am the 448th model of Koopa Troopa. Now, you're probably confused. We're only on the, like, 48th model of Koopa Troopa, how are you the 448th model? And how are you so....sentient? Well, the answer to these questions are that I come from the future, and the future model is sentient. But that doesn't explain how I'm here now. I'm here because Lord Bowser accidentally found away to charge a Neutron with some enw kind of force, and the atom being charge bursted, and the new neutron charge caused a rupture in spacetime. I left my home in the Mushroom Kingdom to enter the past in Piggy Island. The temporal rift then closed, but I knew what I had to do to get out of trouble. I was sent across the portal because I was the latest most trusted model! I knew how to charge the neutron the same way, but it's very dangerous and I never do it. That's not the only reason I don't do it, though. I also enjoy helping fight pigs with the birds. You guys are good friends!


I have created many birds. Okay?

West Side Flock

  • Gregory-Drops explosive feathers in a spread-out area that do a low-damage explosion when hit
  • Seamus-Spins like a top, moving back and forth, slowly diminishing in area over time to do damage to blocks
  • Kaz-Can flap his wings 3 times before falling. Flaps push blocks forward
  • McKayla-Locks into a pig and poisons it, slowly doing damage to it over time
  • Danny-Turns blocks he hits to ice
  • Dean-Poofs, making pigs in the area not activate their abilities
  • Rocky-Lobs a rock at the pigs in an arc that does medium-damage. Has a 20% chance of launching a high-damage boulder
  • Mouser-Drops on the ground and scurries through structres
  • Tsunam-Sends a wave of weak-damage water in the direction of the pigs

Reginald's Flock

  • Reginald-Shoots a phaser up to 2 times that makes a block completely disappear from existance
  • Miranda-The slingshot only provides force, as Miranda flies when the screen is being held down, and when not held down, she falls
  • Reed- Activates an outer shell that does more damage the further away it's activated, but it makes the bird heavier and go less distance
  • Wencelas- Burrows underground and comes up when activated (sorry for other bird similarities, it was cretaed before I knew this existed)
  • Doodle- Latches onto a surface and stays to that block and the other 2 in its immediate area, doing damage to nearby pigs
  • Beakatron 2000- Does minor damage near a pig. When clicked, drop another Beaktron-bot that does minor damage near a pig
  • Beaktron-bot- Does minor damage near a pig
  • North- Is attracted to more mettalic surfaces. The more metallic/magnetic a material is, the more off North's direction will be. But, North does high damage, so it all works out in the end
  • Cellfone- Sends out signals in a spread out direction that do lower damage the further away they are from Cellfon
  • Skamatronic- Fires up to 4 extreme low-damage missiles and then goes straight through blocks when he hits one
  • Vortexxer- Opens a portal that the nearest pig is attracted to. The pig is essentially popped
  • Portaller- Opens a portal that the nearest pig is attracted to. Click again, and open the other portal in which the pig falls out of to your liking
  • Klone Z- Creates 4 clones that do low damage
  • Klone Y- Creates 4 clones that don't exist and are just illusions. They do no damage, and basically just throw off pigs with abilities
  • Micro/MacroChip- TBA (new bird)

Woodlander Flock

  • Flamer- Lights places on fire with his flame-throwing beak.
  • Frezkin- Turns blocks to ice and freezs pigs (yes, very close to Danny's ability, I know)
  • Electrike- Shocks pigs so they are stunned, and turns blocks into charged blocks
  • George- Eats through 4 blocks and stays there. The blocks are then turned into missiles when hit in the bacl
  • Woody- Turns blocks into pigs
  • Marilyn- Turns pigs into Signal Pigs (essentially weaker versions of themselves)
  • Charles and Chas- Twins that come in a pair. Chuck goes first and latches onto one area. Chas goes next, and they create a low-damage "force" field that hurts pigs that touch it, and strengthens birds a bit who go through it
  • Sleeparalysis- Haunts a certain pig (doing small damage to it) until exploding like Bomb
  • Beakatron 1000- Deploys weaker Beaktron-bots than Beakatron 2000 and does not damage pigs

Birds outside of Flocks

  • Healmonger- Heals birds that come across his Moorland shack to full health
  • Savager- Ruthlessly kills birds and pigs and must be stayed away from
  • Burnt, Frozen, and Zapped- Commonly known as Flamer, Frezkin, and Electrike's enemies, these guys use their scars to their advantage
  • Volt- Electrike's long-lost brother that does so many good deeds and heroic feats, but never gets credited. He is the only one who knows he still exists. He can send out a zapping bolt that will disable pigs' abilities
  • Beakatron X- Deploys Beaktron X's that do high damage and deploy more Beaktron X's

Know that there are more, but they won't be revealed because spoilers


Pigs I have made


  • Corporal Swineface - Corporal of King Pig's army
  • Foreman Foreheadwrinkles - The main Foreman of King Pig
  • Dan Kassteway- Foreman Foreheadwrinkles' best architecht
  • Rogue Leader Randy- Leader of a woodland gang of rogue pigs(with no names or importance)
  • General Grosshog- The deceased general of King Pig's army
  • Adventurer Andrew- An explorer from a young age who enjoys sailing and hiking trips
  • Conn- Music dealer in Pig City
  • Freddy Beesechurger- Leader of King Pig's Spy Squad and the sworn enemy of The West Side Flock
  • Oakley- A member of Spy Squad
  • Vanil- A chaotic member of Spy Squad
  • Shawn, Shaun, and Sean- Teenage triplets of Spy Squad
  • Scarface K Blackeye- Expierienced Spy Squad member
  • Prince Smoothcheeks II- King Smoothcheeks' adopted son and heir to the throne
  • Wanda- Soldier who gains importance later (spoilers!)
  • Harold- Member of Spy Squad
  • Blastopiggy- An abandoned pig who lives out in the woods and has conversations with Sairas, a grave hallucination that is taken over his delusional mind
  • Jetdroner- Member of Spy Squad
  • Hoghair McFarlan-
  • Williham Snoutspear (KT448)- Yoshipea came up with him origanily, but I have spun him off as the librarian for Pig City Community Library
  • Sean Piggary- Extremely smart pig, main engineer for all of Piggy Island
  • Swinerath Porkington - Mayor of Pig City

Pig Types

None yet...

Other Creations

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