Princess Phoenix49

aka what does this supposed to mean

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  • I live in nowhere (actually is the ph.)
  • My occupation is nothing
  • I am a girl.

Account Moved. Click the link below to go to my new one!

User:Minty Blue49

And don't worry. If you need my help then i'll still be there to talk to you.

Note: Sometimes. I use this moved account.


and never using this wiki again


don't blame me for my past actions, like randomly attacking people's opinions etc.

i don't do those anymore, i'm more different than my old self, plus i'm not really into angry birds anymore

i've moved on, and focused on other things instead

i was really young, that i don't know what's right or wrong yet, but since i'm older than before, i think i know more things, unlike before

so, i might sometimes visit this wiki if i want to see some old stuff here, or put more information to my account here etc.

bye, and i don't know if i want to see you guys again

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