aka RedBird2009

  • I live in Piggy Island
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Leader of the Flock
  • I am Male

Pain is temporary, anger is forever. Hey, my name is Red, hope we'll get to know each other better and leave me alone Slams Door


Combo- I met Combo on Discord a few months ago while my server was still brand new new. I made a couple of birds based off of his (Steve being Plum's brother and a recolor, and Inferno being Blaser's love interest.

Yoshi - I met Yoshi on discord as well, I believe. Me and him aren't really close friends but we partnered are servers and he's helped suggest things in my sever.

Steve the Lighting Bird - This IDIOT is named Steve. Don't know who he is or what he is? Neither do I. Steve has helped me and my Flock with some battles. He also makes good toast!

I also like the members of my Flock!


  • Pigs
  • Steve fooling with Nitro Crates
  • Stella talking back
  • More pigs
  • People who want hugs
  • Happy birds
  • Even more pigs
  • Modern Rovio
  • Loads of pigs
  • Weird fetishes
  • Have I mentioned Pigs yet!?

Using my characters

If you ever want to use my characters for your game/TV show/etc. That's fine with me as long as you ask.

Gallery of Le Red

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