• I live in a place
  • My occupation is doing stuff on fanon wikias because i have ideas
  • I am a chicken- i mean pork- i mean turkey- i mean water salad.

My creations are Absence Bird, Absence Pig, and Gooey.

Best Friends

None at the moment.


None at the moment.


Yoshipea - A user I’ve roleplayed and chatted with. They have commented on my Absence Bird page.


Fandom Creeper - He commented on my Absence Bird page, and tried to solve the puzzle on it.

Combo - A good admin who also commented on my Absence Bird page.

No Opinion

Pretty much everyone not on this list.


Unrelated commenters - People who type comments on a page unrelated to the page. Example: Someone advertises their page on another page by commenting, and their comment is only to advertise their page.

Little Timmies - 6 Year-olds who make super OP characters and invalidate the abilities of other characters if roleplaying or commenting.


I dunno yet.

More Disliked

Trolls - Users who troll other users often.

Spammers - Users who spam on pages and discussions.

Flamers - Users who are overall jerks to provoke reactions from their targets.


The user who made Devil Birb - The page is religiously offensive, and the curse words start so early that the Mature Label doesn’t even really protect you from anything.

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