My creations are Absence Bird, Absence Pig (Ignore the Absence Duo, they’re no longer canon in my timeline), Gooey, Irawọ, Opal, Bill, Starlight Island, Lucas, and Angry Birds Corn Puffs.

The dumb jokes I’ve made are currently ping pig, and ༺🅖༻༺🅘༻༺🅨༻༺🅟༻༺🅘༻༺🅖༻.

Gooey’s Flock consists of Gooey, Irawọ, Opal, Bill, and Lucas. They live on Starlight Island.

The products I’ve made are Angry Birds Corn Puffs.

Pages I like:

Angry Birds Bubble Gum.

Best Friends

None at the moment.


None at the moment.


Yoshipea - A user I’ve roleplayed and chatted with. They have commented on my Absence Bird page.

Combo - A good admin who also commented on my Absence Bird page. We have also roleplayed together a little.

RedTheBird2009 - A user who I’ve roleplayed with.


Fandom Creeper - He commented on a few of my pages.

No Opinion

Pretty much everyone not on this list.


Unrelated commenters - People who type comments on a page unrelated to the page. Example: Someone advertises their page on another page by commenting, and their comment is only to advertise their page.

Little Timmies - 6 Year-olds who make super OP characters and invalidate the abilities of other characters if roleplaying or commenting. I’ve met a lot of them, personally.


Godmods - They’re like Little Timmies, but they KNOW that they are being overpowered, and will most likely control other characters. (Example:

Roleplayer 1: (Bob attacks with his bow!)

Godmod: (It misses because Bob is too busy looking at the awesomeness of Oroka-sa!) Hahaha! You cannot defeat me!

(P.S. Oroka-sa directly translates to “Stupidity” in Japanese, in reference to how dumb the Godmods can be.)

Roleplayer 1: (Wait, how can you govern what Bob was doing? He was very focused.)

Godmod: (Because my character is so awesome!)

Godmod: (Bob, accepting his fate, willingly dies at the hands of the awesomeness lord, Oroka-sa. And then his ghost is enchanted into a rock which is teleported to the most secure safe in the world.)

(Roleplayer 1 has left the chat)

These types of people are really quite annoying.)

Mary Sue - A perfect and flawless character that everyone loves (and is in love with). Check out this page for a better example.

More Disliked

Trolls - Users who troll other users often.

Vandals - Users who essentially rub fresh crap all over whatever page they want to.

Spammers - Users who spam on pages and discussions.

Flamers - Users who are overall jerks to provoke reactions from their targets.


Mephis1/Creator of the Devil Birb page - The page is religiously offensive, and the curse words start so early that the Mature Label doesn’t even really protect you from anything.

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