Capt'n Pig

I have an idea for most of this wiki. such as Angry Birds Epic 5. so do not steal this idea '~'

Capt'n Pig is the mascot of this user (waluigiw99). His rival is Captain Red Beard. Because they are both greedy, they fight over Snoutlings, Lucky Coins, and Essence of Friendship.

Here's an example

And much more!

Capt'n Pig has another rival, Sheriff Pig. He is also greedy, Once Sheriff Pig tried to steal Capt'n Pig's Booty <---(gold), and Capt'n Pig tried to steal Sheriff Pig's Booty <---(gold).

Another example


Angrybirds720 (I feel bad for him being block Fer'evr (ev'arrr))

OrangeBird (the nicest admin)

Aquantinces (sorry for the typo)

SpongeTechX (were starting to get along)


RyuD (Won't stop vandalizing my pages and wont stop spamming random things he says on my pages)(luckily he's blocked).

Worst than Mocking Canyon - 5 (Angry Birds Epic (Luckily I beat that level))

Cold andchilibean (Won't stop spamming and uses very bad grammar, and doesn't use * when swearing and instead uses a period).

Here's me, Pirate Veteran, and Smutje in a battle between red, chuck, and bomb

My Crew

My island base

The time when Rovio introduced me. Good job Rovio :3)


New! Angry Birds Epic Soundtrack Moar Boars!

My Tune (Put it to speed 0.25)

My First GIF picture

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