aka Luigi, Dialga, whatever

  • I live in the toilet beneath the toilet beneath the bathroom beneath your worst fears.
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is RPing, Gamin', goomba stomping, working on stuff(?), undoing vandalism.
  • I am an Italian Plumber.
NO U VANDAL! THIS is Luigi time!
You can stare at it, put in Fanart, Breathe it in, or believe in it... just... Don't actually edit without permission. I can give exceptions, like being a helper for a game, or being a Co-founder of a page!
Hello birdies and swine! I'm yoshipea from THE PvZ character creator wiki. I'm here because I... Uhh... I dunno.

Quotation1 Pi hundred and a thousand point negative pizza Quotation2
— Pigs

I guess the twilight princess just got mad at me...

But I can say this. Dovahkiin, Obey the laws here in whiterun... Or go to the dogs and wait until they eat you.

Now, you're entering link territory, so be on your guard.

<---- Oh, you like my new card? Found it in a dungeon in an alternate dimension. Ok... I actually made it myself.

Lookie here! KING PIG IN DA HOUS! Ok, so I may have created a New Email.

Oh, want some music? Here, listen to this.


Tap here 4 news

Tap here to see the Bird abilities that others introduced.


Mah dream company

Pigware games: A company I may legitimately start in the future.


Memeageddon: You know it's intense.


Angry Birds: Revenge taken: A game that takes past angry birds games, and rolls them into one big storied masterpiece. Currently in the works.

Angry Birds: Starstorm: The sequel to Revenge Taken. I haven't made a boatloaf of birds for no readon!

TV shows and movies

ABRT: The golden chronicles: Series that occurs after the events of ABRT.

Angry Birds Revenge Taken- the Movie: Optimus prime duking it with Megatron, Plants on the horizon, and birds getting ready to stop the pigs... Once again!


These are my birds. Please look at them at your amusement.

Starstorm flock!

The first flock I made. Was originally "Yoshipea's flock" but sounded boring.

Violet: Red's daughter! She used to be nameless, but Red had that opportunity to name her after Megapork died.

The twins: Two birds, two personalities. One great dad(Chuck) and a serious paper cutter.

Computerbirdy: A computer robot made by the pigs, which was modified by the birds. A bit too much?

Circut breaker: Computerbirdy's cousin, who often causes the problem by accident. Flawed prototype version of Computerbirdy's replacement that was also made by the pigs.

Warpath bird: what you get when you give a bird a tank cannon.

Io: The pigs took everything from him, even his life! Now, he's taking it all back, one pig at a time. (...Although, he appears in just one game in his timeline...)

Pyro: Strange lookin' toucan. Oh crud, HE BREATHES FIRE!

Pixel: A bird who came from a simulation. Really not familliar with least he can go through walls.

Plantra: She's made of plants! PLANTS!

Glaive: Warning! He's SHARP! HE'S SHARP!

Eon: Newest member of the flock! She may seem like an old machine, but she's actually a gravedigger that can come in contact with her fellow souls of the dead.

Sunscorch flock

The other Flock, which would appear in ABRT's animated series, and it's sequel.

Magnet duo: "Born and forged" their motto goes, Ironheart and Magneta are probably the most notable of the flock.

Dominion: A frost-blooded Toucan. The 2nd oldest of the flock, who has ice formations all over his beak, reminiscent of a dragon.

Phase: Ancient by the looks of it. It acts like a little child, so it seems like it's unaware it's a killing machine. Shoots a 3 round burst of beams that does high damage to a given target, but is wasted on weak blocks made of ice and wood.

Scorch: Nothing is known about him or his intentions, but what is known is that he founded the flock, and seems to be young. Who is he really?

Kylie: Tosses a frosty Kylie rang at her foes. Oddly, despite what her leader says, she secretly has a crush on Glaive.

Nightmare: Rumors say that he uses Scorch as a puppet, just to betray their old tradition.

Unusual birds(Birds that have downright weird traits. Some pigs are here too)

Something's wrong here.

Ravage: A mechanical bird with a friendly alter-ego dubbed "Stonepecker". Literally blends in with the other birds, save for the light on her chest.

Porkchops: Litterally a pig with a bag full of hammers.

B1G B4D: Litterally L33T speak for Big bad! Once she's around, She's going to farm from the XP the others earned in a battle! Thinks she's evil, but is really as delusional as a pig on Mushrooms.

Sgt. Catface: "I ain't a bird, But I know how important it is to have children. Protecting eggs is no different than guarding your wife, so let's show those workers what we're made of!"

StarStreak: You do not wanna know what happens when you look at her eyes.

Other birds

Soundwing: "Drop da' bass on dem' pigs!" He says

Sally "Vector": Kinda young for a scientist.

Sophia: Aliens, tanks, Christmas... You know how it's going to end... right?

Platinum: Forced to make robots for the pigs, having her daughter taken away, and worse. She's faced worse than being beaten up, or thrown into prison. Ouch.

Jackhammer: "Odd... that thing thinks it's not a robot, when clearly it's made of metal and runs on pure electricity. Wait... It also does a Factory reset when it knows it's existance as a machine. Dang!"

Xor: Advanced AI, Titanium frame, Carbon fiber "shell", And a teleportation device built in it.

Mineblaster: "Ahem..."

Sentry: Not what it sounds like.

Volt: When did little kids get power armor? Pfft, ToDaY!


These are my pigs. Please look at them to your eternal demise, and leave the vacuum on overnight after you're done.

Boss pigs

Brutakapocalypse Barry: Minigun pigz bro.


Rabid: Too fiesty for a small pig

MacBacon: " Fine literature here, a little virtual torture room there."

Skyhead: "Dang it, How many pigs have to DIE?"

Plasma-striker: Aliens with WAY too much tech

Minion pigs

Drone pig: Some blue flying pig who has some keen eye.

Hacker pig: Pests that look nothing like Schwarzenegger.

Pig-tron: Not the virtual reality "Tron".

Dubstep pig: I SAY DEE JAY, YOU SAY PIGGY! DEE JAY! (Birds) Pop him!

Crimpig: Red pigs... with skull heads...

Corrupig: Brown-ish purple pig abominations that see everything!

Squid-pig: It's a squid... wait... It's a pig! No... We were right both times.

Factory porker: Just... no... I don't like robots.

List of superpowers

  • Vandalism reversal: Most people have this, but it gives a heroic touch to our lives. I can undo a page by staring at the page's history, and clicking on the page.

Mah list of likes and dislikes


  • Super mario maker 2: Didn't play it yet, but I know it's epic
  • Super mario maker: Well, I have it for my 2DS, and I can make levels. Making is my specialty, next to blowing stuff up.
  • Angry birds Epic: Rpg game with EPIC graphics, EPIC story, and a good mix of characters.
  • Plants vs zombies Garden warfare: Played it on the XBOX 360, and it was SICK. The textures were awesome and everything! There was also my favorite peashooter: THE PLASMA PEA!
  • Bloons: Well... This is a good game with awesome features, but I think it should be epic, due to BTD6.

Awesomely awesome

  • Super Mario galaxy: A good game with the best graphics the wii can ever have. Thinking of a sequel to the 2nd game...
  • Super mario 3D land: "Take a page and a pen, Draw a big mushroom. Add an egg, then two more. Draw a cloud under here, Now we'll add some coins. One, two, three. One, two, three" was Special World 8's theme.
  • Tf2: one word... POOTIS


  • Minecraft: Well, same as super mario maker, except you can think bigger. Limited to some things though, and I don't have the modern version of it on my Ps3
  • This wiki: What? You thought I hated this place? I have reasons why I like this place.
  • Fan games: Made out of pure love of video games. Why game companys delete them... because they hate their fans? They cannot tell the difference between Fan games and Bootlegs? They don't want to lose their attention? Well, I could say that Fan games are how they Gain fans, not lose them.
  • Brawl in the Family: Unusual but funny. These comics do feature Mario, and other smash characters... So...
  • Rom hacks: Same as Fan games.
  • Pokemon: Good ol' RPG game with a twist. All weapons are replaced by little creatures in which you catch with little Pokeballs. The best part is: Nintendo made this game. This means this game was made by the same company who made the Mario games.
  • Kirby: What? It's a platformer where the enemies are power ups! Just eat them, and let's say, you gain ice powers. (Suddenly falls asleep after eating a green Kirby steak)


  • Atari: Old console. Kinda versatile though.
  • Blocky cars: This game has Blocky issues, but still good in any battle. Grammar needs work there. This is stink(Example of bad grammar, or Buffy speak)


  • Sanic: May be good with music, but... I'd rather jump high than run fast. JUMP FAST!
  • Bootlegs: Lacks all the love that fan games have. They're just bad Rom hacks.


  • Losing my stuff: Somebody may claim something is overpowered(Is it OP when a specialist can take it down easily?) And delete it. I balance my creations the best I can! (Update: If it's unoriginal, then I'll let it slide)
  • Viruses: They infect stuff... I hate viruses.
  • dlrow ym ot emoclew :sailA Sdrawkcab


  • Spammers: I don't need to talk about them. They just spam.
  • Violent pictures: I know how it is.
  • PETA: I like how the world was BEFORE THEM!
  • Glitchy rip-offs: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! 1 4M GL1TCH1NG! That's how they are.

They should have a Bad time.

  • Haters: If you don't like me, then it's fine. If you hate the whole wiki, then you know who will give you a bad time. If you hate life, then I'd recommend dining on death. If you hate reality, then try to sleep 24/7. If you hate everything, then you like nothing, which means you don't hate everything, which means you hate nothing, which means... Ugh, Infinite loop.

About Loogi

I used to be on just blocky cars (A shooter game with cars, Duh), But I had Many Ideas and had nowhere to go. Then I founded Fanon and decided to hang around here!

I played ANGRY birds, AB2, AB transformers, and the list goes on.

Oh... Origin stories... Ok, gotcha.

I started off as... Well, a green mario. Nameless twin of mario. Player two. I saw mario repeatedly knock bowser into submission like POW, WHAM, and WAAAAH!

After a bit, I noticed something. "Skinny green" turned into a compliment because Nintendo let me jump a few blocks higher than mario(thanks to a diet). Although, I would've accepted some better shoes.

The years passed by, with Mario's adventures with me. Then one day, after the release of smash bros. Ultimate, I noticed a crime spree going on. He was red all over, and... Was mario.

I decided to run(of fear that mario may kill me) and gone to an island. I heard squawking and oinking. I was at piggy island.

I mostly run the hatchery now, and just sit as sonic runs around killing himself on the island. Dude was trapped here too. Heh, at least Bomb's here. He's the only bird keeping me here, and besides, if any scary ghost pigs came to me with bloody eyes, I'd use the ALMIGHTY POTERGUST OVER 9000!

After a while, Mario calmed down, and we decided to hang around on bird island. Well, there was another threat coming... SPAMMERS! PETA! And my own work I shall be workin' on.

Profile pic museum

Some are buried in time. Forgotten.

My point of view


I'm fine if you talk about:

  1. Angry birds(duh)
  2. Super Mario
  3. PvZ
  4. Transformers
  5. Skyrim
  6. Debates
  7. 1000 mile luigi donation runs(That's a joke, but I think we really need them)
  8. Some words of advice. (You may become superior over me though)

However, I won't accept:

  1. Stupidity
  2. Reports on other people
  3. Bootlegs
  4. Ghost pigs with bloody eyes.
  5. PETA(Ruins everything)
  6. Bowser's odd and stupid acts of suicide.
  7. Feeding trolls
  8. Any cursing without censorship.

My list

This is a list where I keep track of people. Anything above "meh" are people I like.


  • Combo: A great man overall, with a way of making pages more unique than others. It's a shame that he's named after me. Is that a Weegee behind me?
  • Gestro: I could say that he's the cat version of Sans. Although his stuff may look as organized as a shelf, they're still State of the art nonetheless. Oh, and if anyone messes with me or his friends, then You're gonna have a bad time
  • Dave: He's on the PvZCC wiki, just like me. We both don't talk often, but he's more experienced than me. He also has a professional approach with making art. Was it his paintbrush that he uses to make his art?
  • YoshiFan: I have nothing to say... except that he's like the wiki's savior! His creations are rather cool, and you should check them out. Blocked a spammer, which made him cooler.
  • Cerdan Swingston, pig of the milkshack: See that art that first appeared on Violet's's page? He made the art. See the artwork on TaoC wiki that he put on our pages? Those show his great talent! Heck, I could tell you all day about this pig! He's SUPER EXCELLENT!


  • Me: Because you gotta have to love yourself sometimes.
  • Blackon: Reminds me of Bits-16 on the PvZCC wiki. He makes excellent pixel art, and his games are rather sick. Waaaiiit. If his games are "made up" on a fanon wiki, then why can he let you Legitimately play them? Because he can. ;)
  • Icey: He's cool and all, but the BFDI stuff can get a bit too far. Wait... But BFDI is American... (Moment of clarity)
  • Omega: A good and sane user. The flock is decent, and things can end up to be rather epic. There's just one thing: Too much freaking anime, but there's one small exception. He's the Fishy boopkins of Angry birds, and if he was in an animated series, he would definitely take that role. Wonder what that bedroom hides...

At least we both like Pokemon. Again, RPG games are awesome.

  • Venom: Because he's a loser, like me. (XD that's a joke.)


  • Pretty much everyone else really.


  • Stalkers: They stalk you.
  • Pigs: Because they're pigs(Cerdan is an exception)
  • Pokemonsunandmoonfan (Why bother with links?)This random beginner barged in the bar, already dizzy! This guy forcefully named Violet Ox(Even though it was my bird), and even made workless pages! What an outlaw he his, causing trouble for us cowboys. And yes, It's a true story in cowboy form.
  • My mind: You do not want to know how it works.

Targets that must be destroyed immediately

  • Bowser: Because he stole the princess.
  • MFD: Spammer, with obscene language, and spam. Sockpuppet was destroyed by Yoshifan.


  • Disney channel multi language: Replaced the fanon version of "Angry birds movie 2" with the official version one time. LACKS IMAGINATION!

Random facts that may or may not be fun

  • I'm the only one who knows how stella came here: She floated on the ocean in a box after Gale's pigs mugged her.
  • Red's daughter is a hybrid between a cardinal, and what Combo says to be a "Galah".
  • Io can be mistaken for an enemy. Some people haven't recognized that he's supposed to be legally dead.
  • Warpath has not met Warpath yet, despite being Warpath. Did I summon Warpath?
  • Barry secretly likes chickens.
  • I can imagine silver controling the whole universe. No, not the jester, the actual silver.
  • Not all birds are good. Some are downright evil!
  • Glaive is considered a "Roaster". A Roadster who roasts people. "Is that a real moustache?"
  • Experimental pig weapons... they're organic birds that have been genetically modified to fight for the pigs, with their enhanced abilities. I believe I saw a puffin in one of those containers.
  • Australians often search for Australium. Sure, looks like gold, but look at it's atoms. There's a kangaroo in there!
  • Robots were made by us... But if we give them too much intelligence, they'll kill us all! Oddly, Squiddy doesn't seem to mind. Waaaaaaiiiiit...
  • Combo is love, Combo is life.
  • Who would think that "Revenge taken" should have it's own Wiki? WeLl I WoUlD!


  • I am 80% sure that having a dispenser near a spy will cause a 100% chance of him being crushed by a supply crate. Note to self: Supply crates are EVIL
  • I may partially be about memes, but I have to constantly remind myself that this is not Blocky cars, as this will block me if I deploy a meme bird. Too much copyright.
  • I do have Aspergers... Yet, I know how to set up a page correctly, write down like a normal person, and not insult people. Short end of the stick just got longer.
  • I think of things beyond limits. I was the one who thought of Windblade being reborn as silver, King pig having a mental disorder, and SHIM DE-HOUT(Backwards for D'OH I MISSED!).
  • Ok... So I may also be cringe. I was responsible for colliding the Halo universe with the Mario universe. The Blocky cars community started hating me because of this.
  • 64. That number is my favorite number. See it all the time on Minecraft, and Super Mario 64.

personal newswall

This thing? Ok <insert name here>, I'll show you it! Luigi always comes prepared. Well, sometimes...

Luigi MP9
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