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Usually, events are plain, flat out simple, and made for fun. Easy to say it is, because it is.

But this time... It's not what it looks like.


Indeed. This is MEMEAGEDDON!

Reports shiw A wormhole from another dimension that opened up, revealing someone that looks like Mario. However, that person is... Not mario. He's the Meme lord himself!

It is our job to save the world from these deadly memes! We should fight back!


Pretty much an RPG/Exploration style game.


Host Name Info Attack set
Luigi - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
Luigi Usually, Luigi's that green Mario that normally hides in Mario's shadow, but this time, He's the captain of the apocalypse! Better get your memes ready, because he knows their weak spots!
  • Hammer: A basic dusty hammer. May not be in good condition, but can take a few inches.
  • Lightning powers: Varies, but they're from Superstar saga.
  • Poltergust: A decked out vaccum cleaner with a GPS, Ice cream dispenser, and a hat shooting mechanism. Excellent for hunting ghosts!


Add yourself in if you want!

Particapant Name Info Attack set
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