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  • I live in The Sky Island
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Writing
  • I am You.
  • AwesomeTrinket


    Create an article and post in the comments, and I'll add it here. I'm trying to get at least 50 articles here before the end of the month. Don't forget to edit them often!

    I'll start off with my two articles to get things going.

    Angry Birds: High Tech Robot Forms

    Angry Birds: LaTale

    Rytech, Inc.

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    Interactive Stories!

    September 28, 2013 by AwesomeTrinket

    I decided this wiki needed a little spice for Halloween!

    Interactive stories is when I make the beginning of a story, and you decide what happens next in the comments!

    1: No swearing please.

    2: Please make sure the middles and endings fit together. We can't have two Angry Birds talking and all of a sudden they melt into slime.

    3: PLEASE, and I mean PLEASE, use good grammar.

    4: Don't copy someone else's decision.

    5: No hating someone else's decision. 

    It's Halloween, and everybird and pig is getting into the spirit. One pig especially is in the spirit. This year, he's even got fake zombies, skulls, ghosts, and a fake dead bird being hanged on a tree! Now, he's looking for something else for his house. It was a stormy night. All of a sudden, lightn…

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    OK, Gabriel, this is something about u and me. Our love points (The love points thing is from La Tale) is now 96.00%! I know this is VERY weird, but tommorow, I think we are going to get married.

    I will not be as active as I used 2 4 a few days. I got stuck with a whole 9 days worth of tricky algebra tests, no worries, 2morrow, I can zip through a somewhat hard test, so I can get married.

    I will be mining as hard as I can for the next few hours (In the Angry Birds world of course) 2day. I'll be looking for a diamond.

    I feel like a total weirdo about getting married at the age of 16.

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    Guess what guys? I'm coming back to Piggy Planet! %% I'm coming back to Piggy Pla-net! I'm coming back to Piggy Pla-net!%% I'm bringing amazing things from Lalaloopsy Land! I found: Stones with jewels in it (Break the stone with a hammer to get the jewels), Water that turns into a rainbow when you pour a drop on the ground, Apples that are really jewels, Stardust that glows, Warps (Now you can go to and leave Harbin City Gabrieltnz), And Ivory Ice Crystals' very first crown. Don't miss this special event! I will only do it once every 16 years. Tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you. I've got an unlimited supply of everything (Except the crown of course.). Ivory's crown is the only thing that cost Eggos, which is 999,999,999 Eggos, …

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    Ok, since my older sister chose the topic of my first blog post, I might as well begin (OK, I admit it, I'm getting some help from Misty.). So, this is my life.

    I was born in an egg, only I wasn't born from a normal egg, just everyone else that is our species (Misty typed that word). There was a tiny piece of a princess' dress in my egg, which is me.

    A couple monthes later - still in the egg,- I started to look like a minature (Misty typed that word too) me right now. I had heard a quiet thump on the tip of my egg (Which is Harmony listening at my egg). I hiccuped, and heard a shrill scream that made my hair stand up straight. The scream got fainter (Misty was dragging Harmony away from my egg) and I said in my head Thank you Godess Bird for …

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