Ok, since my older sister chose the topic of my first blog post, I might as well begin (OK, I admit it, I'm getting some help from Misty.). So, this is my life.

I was born in an egg, only I wasn't born from a normal egg, just everyone else that is our species (Misty typed that word). There was a tiny piece of a princess' dress in my egg, which is me.

A couple monthes later - still in the egg,- I started to look like a minature (Misty typed that word too) me right now. I had heard a quiet thump on the tip of my egg (Which is Harmony listening at my egg). I hiccuped, and heard a shrill scream that made my hair stand up straight. The scream got fainter (Misty was dragging Harmony away from my egg) and I said in my head Thank you Godess Bird for taking that shrilly thing away. because when Harmony screams, she can scream loud enough to make someone all the way on Mars cover their ears.

I was so glad when I finally hatched out of my egg. All that time, my egg was kicked, hit by paintballs, and rolled down a steep hill (Misty or our mom Toffee came to get my egg back up the hill one second later). Man, it felt good to finally come out of my egg and meet my parents and older siblings.

They had all sang Happy Birthday To You with a cake that Misty baked herself (She's 17). I really loved the cake and the presents.

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