Guess what guys? I'm coming back to Piggy Planet! %% I'm coming back to Piggy Pla-net! I'm coming back to Piggy Pla-net!%% I'm bringing amazing things from Lalaloopsy Land! I found: Stones with jewels in it (Break the stone with a hammer to get the jewels), Water that turns into a rainbow when you pour a drop on the ground, Apples that are really jewels, Stardust that glows, Warps (Now you can go to and leave Harbin City Gabrieltnz), And Ivory Ice Crystals' very first crown. Don't miss this special event! I will only do it once every 16 years. Tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you. I've got an unlimited supply of everything (Except the crown of course.). Ivory's crown is the only thing that cost Eggos, which is 999,999,999 Eggos, and is priceless.

Update by Thelalaloopsygirl 1/14/13: The event is over. You missed it!

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