I decided this wiki needed a little spice for Halloween!

Interactive stories is when I make the beginning of a story, and you decide what happens next in the comments!


1: No swearing please.

2: Please make sure the middles and endings fit together. We can't have two Angry Birds talking and all of a sudden they melt into slime.

3: PLEASE, and I mean PLEASE, use good grammar.

4: Don't copy someone else's decision.

5: No hating someone else's decision. 

The Zombie Pigs

It's Halloween, and everybird and pig is getting into the spirit. One pig especially is in the spirit. This year, he's even got fake zombies, skulls, ghosts, and a fake dead bird being hanged on a tree! Now, he's looking for something else for his house. It was a stormy night. All of a sudden, lightning had struck him, and turned him into a zombie pig. He bit two pigs, who bit Red.

Now you decide Red Bird's fate, but hurry, if you don't by Halloween night, he'll turn into a zombie bird and hunt for brains forever.

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