Yes, lads. You read that title right. I’m FINALLY doing the Dumbest Rectangle in the Universe. Without further ado, let’s hop right into it.


He mostly contributes to Numberblocks Wikis. He also is interested in MLP, and often makes references to it and I think he contributes to that canon wiki too.

Why He’s Crummy

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, he runs the Numberblocks Wiki like a tyrannical dictator and a Pinga Bird.
  2. Not only does he run the Numberblocks Wiki like that, but also the Numberlemon Wiki.
  3. Another factor people commonly bring up when talking about him is the fact that he told me (ButterBlaziken230) that he was going to kill me.
  4. Not only that, but he additionally told a user to die in a hole.
  5. He insulted one of my best friends and then told everyone to respect his opinion afterwards.
  6. By using templates, he could make absurdly long comments unnecessarily.
  7. He is a grammar police and has a raging hateboner for the word Delet.
  8. Because of his hate, he even went as far to ban it from the Numberblocks wiki! It’s just a word that isn’t even a swear!
  9. Once, he said he never wanted to grow up, which is an okay statement. However, in the context of what was already being said, that meant that he wanted to stay immature and not become smarter.
  10. He controls people’s OCs and doesn’t give them freedom.
  11. He calls users big massive jerks when the truth is that he is the big massive jerk.
  12. When called out for anything, he usually pulls excuses out of his you know where.
  13. He lashed out at someone on discord for wanting to leave Numberlemon.
  14. He makes enemies underpowered in Random Adventures.
  15. He vandalised a wiki just because it was owned by someone he didn’t like.
  16. Delet isn’t the only thing he hates. He also hates Fifteen for some reason and calls her Jessie!
  17. He closes threads with people after responding, and not even to prevent necrobumping. His reasons for doing this are unclear.
  18. He is white-knighted by Vyondkids to the point where he’s practically immortal, as most admins white-knight him and never punish him.
  19. He inserts MLP and DanganRonpa references at inappropriate times, making him an Omega.
  20. He supports a wiki that rants on a very obvious troll, which not only is harassment, but is also feeding the trolls.
  21. He fed the ever-growing troll that is PizzaCat and threatened to drown him in hot oil. He then blamed it on his evil side. What is wrong with your head?
  22. When he updates community messages, he always puts “You Don’t Know Jack” on the end.
  23. He often uses You Don’t Know Jack to combat criticism.
  24. He demoted people from their rights if they give him criticism.
  25. Back when Yokai did a Pokemon roleplay with him, TSRITW was extremely OP! When called out for it, Yokai was nearly demoted from content moderator on the Numberblocks Wiki. TSRITW, you narcissistic cretin.
  26. He would often act like a hypocrite when making edits relating to Random Adventures.
  27. He tried to steal an episode in Numberlemon from Yokai while he was sleeping.
  28. He made the Numberblocks Wiki all about him, turning it from a community to a prison.
  29. By using his “The Internet Is Not For Porn” campaign, he tries to make the Internet entirely kid-friendly. The Internet wasn’t for children in the first place!
  30. When he’s an admin, he’s usually an extremely strict one.
  31. Like most others, he takes the episodes of Numberblocks way too seriously. This also is the reason he hates Fifteen. It’s all because of Step Squads and the over-complications, which are supposed to be comedic.
  32. He thinks that not liking a user but thinking that user shouldn’t receive death threats is completely defending a user, which isn’t true.
  33. On his YouTube channel, he used to upload pointless videos which are usually a mess of pixels.
  34. He often doesn’t care about the opinions of others and always assumes that what he wants is best for Numberlemon.
  35. He is the reason that Numberlemon is starting to die.
  36. He thinks copying is not theft, which is extremely braindead.
  37. Sometimes, he acts downright stupid, such as a time when he was working on a cutscene/Roleplay for Random Adventures. He played dumb and said he thought that when a character said “rubble”, they meant the Paw Patrol character and not debris.
  38. He thinks that being UO is being unique. What the hell?
  39. He unironically defends Lewisett from NL as an original character, despite Lewisett being a genderbend version of Nineteen.
  40. He made a Numberlemon episode where he pretty much uses another cast member like a torture dummy to resolve some petty drama. Firstly, the ending was changed by Chrissa and Yokai, which he didn’t like. Eventually, he did remove the episode.
  41. He downright said “I WANNA WIN” in responses to the better endings for that episode, which shows how narcissistic and immature he acts at times.
  42. Once, he deleted my transcript of How Many Kelevens. Sure, that episode wasn’t my episode, but the writers were inactive and judging from their other episodes, they never do transcripts anyway! However, the episode was later deleted entirely and was replaced with Ant Antics.
  43. His bossiness is likely the reason that CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows used to act so toxic at around the end of 2019. It was also partially Cherry’s fault, but that’s for another time.
  44. Some of the arguments he got into other users with about Delet are petty and childish and look like something out of a preschool. Just saying “the person above actually agrees with me” as a comeback makes you look idiotic!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He can make good parodies on things at times, including ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, RATINGBLOCKS.
  2. Bumblerknocks, a joke show that he made, is pretty funny.

How to Improve

Firstly, please demote yourself on any large wiki you have admin on. You aren’t a good admin. Secondly, please try to be nicer to other users and apply your common sense in more areas. I know you have common sense.

The Gallery of Shame


Credit to Yokai, as without him, I may not have as many points here as there currently are. His research helped me improve.

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