aka Combo Luigi

  • I live in Piggy Island
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Cooking for the Birds, Hosting random stuff, and protecting the eggs.
  • I am a Mario Prototype who left Mushroom Kingdom because of a danger attack.
  • ComboLuigi2000


    So, I decided to have themes for all of the characters I have created so far on the wiki. Just something I decided to do for absolutely no reason. But I need to find other songs that fit my birds as well... so please give me some ideas too.

    • Blaser - Hot Mix - Sound of Picture
    • Plum - ???
    • Garretto - Minecraft OST - Pigstep
    • Janet - ???
    • Lewis - ???
    • TriviaBird 1000 - Undertale OST: 050 - Metal Crusher
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  • ComboLuigi2000

    Welcome to part 2 of Hall of Shame. Basically, if you don't know what this is all about, I rant on a user which I don't particularly like, and say how could they improve. This time, I'll talk about a Discord user cause why not? It's gonna be all about Lachie, not LachStarYT, just Lachie.

    Lachie seems to be a very well known Angry Birds "fan". Unlike the first user, he seems to be less of a person to be a baddie, but he is more of the #BringBack2012/#NotMyAngryBirds kind of person.

    In one simple word, I can describe Lachie. Bossy. He seems to have completely revamped Jordan's Angry Birds' server. Jordan seems to have become a slave of Lachie, who now completely rules the server with an iron fist. Also, he can be immature at times, just like a…

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  • ComboLuigi2000

    Welcome to the first part of Hall of Shame! This was inspired mostly by 's user rants. In here, I describe a user that I don't particularly like, what they have done and how could they improve. The first one I will be ranting on is I'M A VANDAL.

    Please note that I'M A VANDAL does not refer to the other vandal that has been vandalising the wiki badly and creating new sockpuppets. I will not speak of him, not even in these episodes. This is what I just refer him to as that's what HE calls himself.

    Overall, I'M A VANDAL is more of an annoyance instead of a hinderance to our wiki. He makes sockpuppets that are immune to IP blocks using what's probably called a "VPN" so his identity is all over the place.

    You might expect this guy to be a big van…

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  • ComboLuigi2000

    New Wiki Layout

    December 30, 2019 by ComboLuigi2000

    Yo! So, recently, I was thinking of revamping the wiki's layout, since our wiki needs some major revamping in order to keep up with the new wiki layout since we are one of the wikis that may be a bit behind on that. So, this is what I've added so far:

    • Modern Buttons - To make the buttons look more consistent, there are new button layouts similar to those of FANDOM's. They look more clean and polished.
    • Dashboard - This is basically a page with all the information about your fandom self. You can find it by clicking on your avatar, and then Dashboard below it.
    • Translator - People who don't speak English can use the translator button to translate the article into their language.
    • Inactive Tag - Users who have been inactive for two months will have an "i…
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  • ComboLuigi2000

    Hi users!

    Recently, I have enabled JavaScript on the wiki so we can do many different things. One of the things that I have used JavaScript to create is making the USERNAME template work. Here's a test of the username template (you may not be able to see it since the code is awaiting a review):

    is a cool person and has great pages!

    So, there you go! This is one of the examples of JavaScript use. There will, of course be other uses of JavaScript in the future in order to improve the wiki...

    That's all, folks!

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