This is what we are adding to the Creeper Dictionary. These entries will show you some new words and terms. If you're ever wondering what they mean, please just refer to here!


Adminus (N): A user who is a really friendly admin that is sadly inactive due to his/her personal life.

Aspect Grabber (N) (Verb Form: Aspect Grabbing) - Someone who grabs aspects and items from other franchises and throws them into another franchise. (ie. Chaos Emeralds in Angry Birds)

Badgehunting (V): Purpousely spamming edits to obtain certain badges

Blant (N): A rant on something that is unnecessary, considering a lot of people hate said thing. An example of a Blant is BFDIfan2012's rant on Shape World. Everybody already hates Shape World. Typically made by a Vyondkid

Brushtool  (N): People who only create art using the brush tool. Their art is usually mediocre.

Character Manipulation (V) - When someone could be able to control your character in roleplays. This is mostly used to accuse people of actions they did not do within the continuity of the roleplay.

Communitempty (N): A once large community brought down by systematic administrator inactivity

Community Floodgates (V) - When a franchise sends in an announcement and then a lot of people descend into madness.

Crossmoreover (N): A user who makes games with too many crossovers, or makes too many crossover games.

Despile (V): When a thing is hated on by the community almost in its entirety

Dportu (N): A type of typo when the word is messed up so much you can't tell what they're originally trying to say

Endrences (N): A combination of Ending and Preferences. It's when people end their rants with "Who likes this show?" or "who hates this show?". It's not even a rhetorical question, as they usually list people who like/hate the thing they were ranting on. Usually used in blants.

Farming (V): The action of adding multiple of similar categories with the same use or adding useless categories on one article. Usually considered badgehunting

Fluffedit (V): The act of ading onto a page one by one when you could do it all at once. Usually considered badgehunting

Koopa (N)-- A user who is a sockpuppet of another user only created to give the user a feeling of pleasance when really it just turns out terribly

Luissah (N)-- A user who invades multiple different wikis and spams, and typically doesn't get many consequences for it

Marassed (V)-- Derives from a combination of the terms "Mass" and "Harassed." It's when a large amount of people harass a user for one reason or the other

McWyld (N)-- A user who copies everything from everybody, and then completely avoids anybody telling them not to do it

Ninja (V)-- When multiple users respond to a chat at once, often messing with the flow of that chat.

No Jvof (N)-- A manipulative user who invades smaller wikis and says that he will make them really good, when instead he just starts trolling and abusing his power. My encounter with him caused us to get actual fandom staff to block him, and he's still not globalled

Omega (N)-- A user of a community that decides to shove stuff from another community into the faces of someone who does not know about that community, thus making the victim user dislike that community. Usually consists of intense shoving of the fandom into a user's face in any way possible multiple times.

Pinacoin (N)-- A user who lashes out at other users for no particular reason, and isn't punished at all for it. Then, the user blames other users for this instead of himself, and hates on them to go inactive.

Pinga Bird (N)--An administrator of a wiki community who directly abuses their writes in such a headstrong, selfish way that can lead to conflict over the community as a whole

PizzaCat (N): An evil user who raids several wikis that are part of a community. Usually turned evil over the most insignificant things. They claim to repent but never do.

Popcorny (N): A user who invades threads involving drama to give their two cents, which are usually in all caps. Typically these two cents are completely pointless and contribute nothing and really aren't needed

Raid (V): A rare occasion on which a group of people invade the main community of a user they dislike in attempts to bring them down

Rayman (N): A whiny user who cannot take criticism at all

Scare Tactic (N): Threatening to do something extreme in order to get your own way

SulfurousPack (N)-- A toxic underage user who follows people around to make enemies of them for no particular reason

Traderptional (N): People who create art on paper, but the image is very low quality and shadows get in the way

Vyondkid (N): An underage user who usually contributes to wikis about subjects that are intended for small children. They vandalise the wiki because they don't know anything about it, and think everything is a Fanon Page. (NOTE: Just because they contribute to a wiki like that does not automatically make them a Vyondkid, only if they're contributing to a canon wiki.)

White-Knight (N): A user who always defends another user, even if said user they're defending  is morally bad. In some cases they do it for romantic purposes, but this isn't always the reason. White-Knights usually defend a person at every chance they can, for whatever reason.

Woff: A user who has a gang of people who they hang out with and usually team up with to harass people.

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