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  • Orangebird763

    Sup, guys! I'd like to know what country to live in, out of curiosity. I live in the United States. I know Angry3456 lives in the US also, and that Redbird07 lives in Britain. Where do you live? You don't have to tell me if you find this question personal.

    --Orangebird "Oh my G-O-S-H" --Emmet in the Lego Movie (→My wall!←)

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  • Orangebird763

    This is important! I saw in the AllanTech news the I might be trying to destroy it, but they are WRONG! I have NOT displayed any actions of trying to destroy the company, and I didn't even know ABTT was originally AllanTech's! These people are absolutely wrong, and if they continue to spread this rumor, I might give them a warning.

    Orangebird763 (talk) 00:00, March 17, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Orangebird763

    2,000 Pages

    June 25, 2012 by Orangebird763

    I think we should expand the wiki by reaching 2,000 pages.

    • Only create pages about Angry Birds
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  • Orangebird763

    Funny Pictures!

    June 2, 2012 by Orangebird763

    Here are some Angry Birds funny pics! Feel free to add some, too!

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  • Orangebird763

    Everyone, make your own bird and post it in the gallery below. Put your user name and a link to your user page so I can know who will win. Voting will be on April 22 and the winners will be announced on April 29.

    • 1st: King Bird
    • 2nd: Super Bird
    • 3rd: Superpower Bird
    • 4th: Super Duper Pig
    • 5th: Super Pig
    • 6th: Powerful Pig
    • 7th - 10th: Nothing
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