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Waluigiw99 Bird
General Info
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First Level Appearance: Any level in Chronicle Cave (On the friends list) . None in any game yet (except ABE5)
Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: ABE5, SKW
Strength: Powerful
Size: same as bomb

Waluigiw99 Bird is a bird in Waluigiw99's category and in ABE5 and SKW


This bird will burn anything in it's path for 4 min.


Name: Waluigiw99

Health 600-2345

Attack #1: Huge Punch: Deals 250% AD. Target suffers 100% damage per attack.

Attack #2: Shield of Spell: Any dispelling attacks from enemies will not dispel helpful effects, last 3 turns.

Rage Ability: High Anger: Deals 1000% AD to all enemies

As pirate captain (only on the bird ship) Name: Capt'n Waluigiw99

Health: 550-2345

Attack #1: Huge Pillage: Deals 3x300% AD. Heals for 100% of the dealt damage.

Attack #2: Shield of Immunity: All birds are immune to harmful effects for 3 turns

Rage Ability: Same as regular Waluigiw99 Bird.


Waluigiw99 - - +
Burn fire bird

Using Power

Corpse waluigiw99


Waluigiw99 fight

In ABE5(he is holding rock and bed shield)

Waluigiw99 capt'n

As Capt'n Waluigiw99

Is watching you
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