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Wendy the Dandelion Bird
General Info
Powers Sprouts lots of flowers, then flings it towards random blocks. Can destroy stone and halfs iron.
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Spring in Summer: 1-2

Angry Birds 2016: 2-10

Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
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Strength: Strong
Size: Regular


Angry Birds Spring In Summer[]

Ah... Dandelions. One of the flowers..

Wendy is a strong bird that has dandelion petals stuck in her, so, she can regrow them! She can also shoot her petals at random blocks. She can break incredibly heavy stone blocks!

Angry Birds 2016[]

Wendy was just strolling around a flower garden until a Henchman Pig stuck glue to her, making dandelions stuck to her! Good thing her flowers can be shot at pigs, and can be regrown!