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Wild, or as it's known internally for disambiguation purpouses "Wild: The 'Veyan," is a Rohoveyanic show currently available on Netflocks about wildlife and survival in the different biomes of Rohoveyan. The show began in 2006, and has never stopped since with a total of 11 seasons as of 2020. Each episode features a survivalist group in a certain biome giving you tips and tricks about how to survive in these places, and a narrator will give you some wildlife information. The survival group is often different, although the filming crew remains the same for most of the series.

When a survivalist is selected to be on the show, they are payed money. Although a survivalist has not yet died, in the case that a death happens to a survivalist, the filming crew will report back with the taped video and will announce the death as it happens and continue with the episode. A memorial show will be created.

This show educates and entertains the viewer, keeping them on their seats. It has made $213.7 million over the past 14 years.

The Crew

Primarily the filming crew, but there are other on-show people such as the narrator, the host, and the person at the cabin. Here's a full list with their jobs.

Name First Episode Last Episode Job Notes
Splitter Bluesenbird S1E1 S14E11 Narrator
Looper McSmaltz S1E1 S14E11 Host
Dave Ereslazer S1E1 S13E12 Co-Host
Accelerator Kulaschusbird S14E1 S14E11 Co-Host
Morris Knockerbird S1E1 S14E11 Cabin Runner The cabin where survivalist groups start at the beginning of the show is here. They pick up the essential survival kit along with their chosen items from the cabin runner. Any retreats during an episode causes a survivor to have shelter here.

Notable Selected Survivalists

Any survivalists who are famous or have done something major on the show. Note that all survivalists have experienced extreme training and are professionals to some extent, but some are more well-known than others.

Table of Episodes

Ep # Name Synopsis Survivalist Group Air date
1 The Woods of Manswright #1 A group of 5 survivalist risk everything to survive in the untamed forests of Manswright, Rohoveyan. If they play their cards rigt, they'll get a reward of up to $1,000,000! Will they make it out and get the cash? Find out by watching Wild's pilot episode, and learn a bit about Manswright wildife on the way!
  • Korn Scelvetast
  • Exploder Korachtinsbird
  • Swiner Kolras
  • Sikas Palmer
  • Aletxerri Morrison
March 26, 2006
2 Barren Kortaryan A new group of 4 survivalists test their skills and knowledge in a snowy grassland in northern Kortaryan. They can win up to 1 million dollars! Will they? Find out today, and learn a bit along the way! April 5, 2006
3 Tips and Tricks for the Sorkatat Survivor Trained survivalists tell you how to survive in the forests of Sorkatat while doing it themselves! Learn all about survival and wildife in the Sorkatat forests now! April 18, 2006

Ep # Name Synopsis Survivalist Group Air date


It was released by a production company in March 2006. However, filming and ideas were created by Dave Erslazer, Looper McSmaltz, and, in part, Splitter Bluesenbird. The first concept began in mid-2004 when McSmaltz and Bluesenbird were making names for themselves seperately, Bluesenbird as a documentary narrator, and McSmaltz as a show creator. He has created a diverse variety of shows ranging from kids' cartoons, adult swim, sci-fi, and documentaries. While Wild is certainly one of his famous works, his most famous is Piggy's Land, created in 2003, still being aired to this day.

Anyway, in August 2004, McSmaltz was hitting it big with Piggy's Land, and the show was becoming increasingly popular. He had been watching documentaries recently, narrated by many, including Bluesenbird, and was inspired to make one of his own. But, one like Piggy's Land that he could keep updating seasonally. Then, he found an old DVD from his childhood in the 80's: A daredevil movie. He though to himself: What if I made it a survival show and a documentary so I could continue making it time after time and again? This would be the question that caused him to almost solely pursue his career with this show, and to drop Piggy's Land in 2009 like he did.

Around Kennedember 2004, he was beginning to get his plan into action. He spent money to find Bluesenbird, and they met on December 32, 2004 for a chat. It was almost immediate agreement, they would begin the project to create Wild, the TV Documentary and Survival show. However, Bluesenbird was Pigganian, and McSmaltz was Rohoveyanic. They were both busy all the time and rarely had time to meet up and talk or to make calls to each other because of their packed schedule. So, McSmaltz went a way closer to home. Going around in his home town of Markham, he was trying to find people interested in working on this project with him. There, he found Dave Erslazer, the soon-to-be co-host of the show, and a major asset in its development.

They met up in Nasuary 2005. They had everything planned out, where they were going to film the first season, who would be on crew, everything. Now, they just have to make it happen. So, they called up Bluesenbird, and they booked a time for Oinkth 15 to begin the narration. Until then, they went around gathering underappreciated professionals who wanted to compete, and to pay them for what they did. If famous Piggy's Land creator McSmaltz came to your door and asked if you wanted to be in a show, how could you possibly deny?

McSmaltz payed for the flight of 5 professionals to the woods of Manswright. He got his crew ready and they flew off. They began filming in June 2005, and finished up around December 2005. Then, McSmaltz tried to get his work published onto the big companies like Netflocks. He tried very hard, and only got accepted onto cable on March 26, 2006. From then on, his episodes aired irregularly, but they grew in popularity quickly. He promoted it in a Piggy's Land episode, and it got onto Netflocks in May 2006. From then on, his career blew up. However, fans really wanted Wild, so he filmed faster, got crews faster, and had to drop most of his other projects including Piggy's Land in 2009 to the producer Ham Konwright. Unfortunately, a lot of people forgot McSmaltz made Piggy's Land, and a lot credit Konwright as the creator, but this is not true.

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