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 The Wild West is the third location in Angry Birds - Explore. It consists of 60 levels and 7 bonus levels, making a total of 67 levels.

New birds[]

  • Lasso Bird (lassos item tapped on and pulls towards self)
  • Cowbird (grabs cowboy hat and throws like dagger)

Returning Birds[]

  • Red - (takes hat off when tapped and says yeee-haw)
  • The Blues  - (splits into three bulls and smash through huge amount of glass)
  • Chuck - (speeds forward with Laaahsaw!! noise)
  • Bomb - (becomes TNT box, activates when tapped by another bird)
  • White - (drops two fake eggs wearing cowboy hats)
  • Hal - (wears cowboy hat and throws when activated)
  • Stella - (captures pigs in dagger bubbles and pulls, releases again)
  • Bubbles - (makes MAHCHWEEE! noise)