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Gender Male
Species Mountain northern cardinal (Mukitus cardinalis cardinalum)
Size Large
Locations unknown
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Weight, strength and momentum
Strength Strong
First appearance Angry Birds Friends
Latest appearance Angry Birds Reloaded
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    The Wingman is Terence's superhero alter-ego and the two-time victor over his arch-nemesis El Porkador. He serves as an extra bird power-up in Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Reloaded, and cameos as an outfit for Terence in one level of Angry Birds Seasons.


Wingman is every bit as red and big as Terence. His dark blue mask is emblazoned with a big yellow W. In Angry Birds Space, pupil-less eyes and green plumage align his design with that game's version of Terence which is The Incredible Terence.

Game appearances[]

Angry Birds Friends[]

Wingman makes his first appearance as a power-up in Angry Birds Friends. He can be obtained by buying him at the shop, by getting rewards, or by watching an ad. In addition, there is also a chance that the player will get a free Wingman to use in the Star Cup. The tournaments Wingman vs. El Porkador and WINGMAN II: Revenge of Cyporkador allowed the player to use Wingman for free as well.

When using Wingman in gameplay, a short cutscene of him flying in an orange background will be shown before taking the player back to the normal gameplay, now with the bird that was on the slingshot replaced by Wingman. However, can only be used a limited amount of times in the levels. His strength is comparable to that by Terence, though he can be made much stronger with the Power Potion, the King Sling, or by using a special slingshot. When he is launched, he will have a golden trail behind him, and colliding with objects will show onomatopoeia-like words with the texts POW, SCRATCH, OOF, or AARGH.

The costs of Wingman at the shop are the following:

Costs (in Bird Coins)
x2 x21 x55 x230
60 600 1500 6000

Angry Birds Space[]

In Angry Birds Space, Wingman appears as a power-up introduced along with the Mirror World. Wingman can be obtained by buying him at the shop, by watching an ad, or by completing an episode.

When using Wingman in gameplay, the current bird on the slingshot will be replaced by him. Wingman's strength is comparable to that of Terence. When tapping onto the screen when he is launched, Wingman will have a gravitational field surrounding him, allowing him to attract nearby objects and Space Pigs. However, this ability will last for a limited time.

The costs of Wingman at the shop are the follows:

Costs (in real money)
x20 x80 x110 x225
$2.34 $5.87 $11.76 $23.53

Angry Birds Seasons[]

In Angry Birds Seasons, Wingman only appears as a costume wore by Terence in the second level of Pig Days.

Angry Birds Reloaded[]

In Angry Birds Reloaded, Wingman returns as a power-up, with the same features as in Angry Birds Friends. His costs at the shop are the follows:

Costs (in Bird Coins)
x1 x3 x5 x10
80 240 400 800