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Untitled drawing by thebigfoot1-d5fjo9g

Wreck-It Angry Birds is a game by thebigfoot1.


The Angry Birds were all happy until one day their eggs were gone! They noticed that something with their eggs went to a house and sold a chair to someone, and they followed him to the arcade- however, they got stuck in Fix-It Felix Jr. after accidentally hiding in the token machine and being put into a game! They meet Ralph, who tries to help them get their eggs back to become the good guy.



  • Red Bird (AKA Hit-It Red) - Just like normal bird.


  • Blue Bird (AKA Duplicate-It Jake) - Duplicates himself twice to summon Jay and Jim.
  • Yellow Bird (AKA Speed-Up Chuck) - Goes wherever you touch.
  • Black Bird (AKA Explode-It Bomb) - Turns into a bomb.
  • White Bird (AKA Drop-It Matilda) - Drops an egg.
  • Boomerang Bird (AKA Come-Back Al) - Acts like a boomerang.
  • Big Brother Bird, or Terence (AKA Throw-It Terence) - Giant red bird.
  • Orange Bird (AKA Blow-Up Bubbles) - Inflates.
  • Pink Bird (AKA Bubble-Up Stella) - Blows bubbles on 3 seconds.


  • Mighty Eagle (AKA Destroy-It Mighty) - Eats everything except the birds.
  • Square Bird (AKA Choose-It Cable) - Choose any power of the birds that you've unlocked!
  • Egg - Click and one of the birds is hidden in it!

Other Launchable Characters[]


  • Wreck-It Ralph - Smashes the ground if clicked in air.


  • Sergeant Calhoun - Shoots wherever you aim.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Turns to Super Sonic, flies up, and drops Chaos Emeralds as bombs.
  • Clyde - Eats the enemies or anything in his way.
  • Vanellope von Shweetz - Glitches any three blocks to go away.
  • Dr. Eggman - Throws a giant ball as seen in Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Frogger - Sticks to enemies until they get annoyed and run away.


  • Fix-It Felix - Fixes anything broken things that must be fixed.
  • Hero's Duty Ralph - Half-power of Ralph, half-power of Sergeant Calhoun!
  • General Hologram - Throw the tiny hologram, but he'll become giant and loud if clicked!

Episodes (AKA Arcade Machines)[]

  1. Fix-It (Fix-It Felix Jr.)
  2. Game Jump (All Games)
  3. Cy-Buggers (Hero's Duty)
  4. Herohog (Sonic the Hedgehog/Hero's Duty)
  5. Sweet Ride (Sugar Rush)
  6. Birds of the Internet (Wifi) (Ralph Breaks the Internet)




  • Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Metal-Helmet Pig
  • Piglet (Baby Pig)
  • 8-Pig (8-Bit Pig)


  • Sci-Flies
  • Beat-Up Beetles
  • Spy-Ders
  • Spy-Der Webs (Spy-Der Babies)
  • Glasshopper

Niceland Residents[]

  • Nice Men
  • Nice Women
  • Nice Girls
  • Nice Boys

Game Cameos[]

  • Toad
  • Inky
  • Sour Bill
  • Dr. Wily
  • Tiny the T-Rex

Unknown Sugar Rush Enemies[]

  • Chocolate Chipper


  1. Bowser
  2. Zombie
  3. Giant Cy-Bug known as King Cy-Bug
  4. Chaos King Cy-Bug (King Cy-Bug with Chaos Emeralds)
  5. King Candy

Episode Screen[]

Original Episode Screen with first 5 episodes unlocked. Untitled drawing by thebigfoot1-d5fmgei



Welcome to the Updates section! This is where all the updates of the games are.

Mighty Eagle Out of his Ar-Cave![]

The Mighty Eagle- or, 8-Bit Eagle- has been added to the game! Purchase him for .99 and use him once a day! Keep those Pigs, Cy-Bugs, and other enemies away from the eggs!

Pac-Man Eats The Pigs![]

A new arcade game is coming to the arcade! It has been revealed! But it seems that Pac-Man can help by eating whatever's in his way! Coming soon: PAC-PLACE!


Fail 1[]

Voice: Coming soon...


Director: CUT!

Fail 2[]

Voice: Coming soon...

Voice 2: Angry Birds are back...

Red Bird: But this time, we're gonna...

Felix: FIX-IT!

Director: CUT!

Fail 3:[]

Felix: (sips coffee) ...and so I fixed all the windows with a magical hammer and he fell off the building- Oh wait, are we on the air?

Fail 4[]

Ralph: (sips coffee) ...and then he knocked me off the building and the guys at the hotel threw me off a cliff over and over ag- Oh wait, are we on the air?

Fail 5[]

Ralph: (smashes camera) I'M GONNA WRECK IT!

Director: CUT!



Red Bird: Macaw! The eggs are safe!

Blue Bird: The eggs are missing!

Red Bird: Oh no!

Person: Lalalalalala...

Red Bird: (Launches himself) WEEHEE!

Person: Oh, here... I'll sell you this for 10$!

Other guy walks away.

Person: Now I'll go to the arcade!

Red Bird: (launches again) AR-KEEEEEED!

Red Bird: (lands in change machine)

Person: Oh look! Somebody left their tokens in here... (steals tokens and bird)

Red Bird: (Gets put into arcade machine) NOO! MY EGGIES!

Ralph: Huh? Who are you? I'll help ya!


Voice: Coming soon...

Voice 2: Angry Birds are back...

Red Bird: But this time, we're gonna...

Ralph: WRECK-IT!

(Shows picture of Ralph trying to smash the birds)

Voice: To be continued... RALPH! STOP SMASHING!

Announcement 2[]

Voice: Announcement continued!

Voice 2: Ralph was a bad guy...


Voice 3: But maybe he should give being good a shot!

Felix: He already did! Didn't you see the movie?

Red Bird: Hey, Ralph... wanna help us get my eggs?

Ralph: No, of course no- I mean, why not help you when I can just smash everything and find the eggs?

Red Bird: No- I mean, get out of the arcade machines!

Ralph: Well. I'm a good guy. Why not?