X-PIG Formula


Turn birds into pigs


Dr. Pig

Found in

Angry Birds: Mutated Birds
The Angry Birds 11: Criminegg Minds


Salsa, Honey, and Ginger Ale (game)
X-PIG Formula Antidote (Criminegg Minds)

Used on

The Flock

The X-PIG formula is a formula that can mutate birds to become pigs. The formula was created by Dr. Pig. When injected, the formula alternates the bird's DNA so they become green, have a greedy personality, and have an ultimate devotion to steal and eat the eggs, just like the pigs.

Angry Birds: Mutated Birds

The formula appears in the game

The Angry Birds 11: Criminegg Minds

The formula also appears in The Angry Birds 11: Criminegg Minds. In the movie,Freckled, now Darth Freckled, gets the formula into testing. After graduating the mind-controlled Elite for stealing the eggs,Darth Freckled comes to Ultra Master Pig and gives the X-PIG Formula to Ultra Master Pig. Ultra Master Pig injects the formula on Elite's arm thus granting Elite a new armor with green streaks,showing his devotion to the pigs.


In Angry Birds: Mutated BirdsAqua Vacuum Bird discovers that the antidote is a mixture of salsa, honey, and ginger ale. One by one, the fanon birds antidote the mutated birds and defeat the pigs.

In The Angry Birds 11: Criminegg Minds,the Birds,King Pig and Master Pig give the X-PIG Formula Antidote,which is black,to Elite,so that he can get freed from his mind control. After that,he downloads the armor into himself,making it one of his disguises.

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