The XG Oinkers [XG: X Generation] is a group of Royality pigs who obtained special powers, known as the 'Eggssences', containing elements of nature and evil.

The Team has been created by Blackon in the end of the game "Bad Piggies - Mission II: King Pig's Chase",with Redpig, Negatrox, Stormfreak, Lumia, G.O.L.D.E.N, Mr.Spirit, Porkatron MKII only.

Blackon is the creator of this team, this group os formed with many alternative high-graded and powerful pigs with the special powers, with a total number of 14 members:

The XG Oinkers members Roles Eggssence Element Portrait
Blackon Leader of the group Darkness / INSANITY "Always ready to hunt !"
Blackon XG
Redpig 2nd in command Fire / CARNAGE "You are not ready for my level of CARNAGE !"
Redpig XG
Negatrox Scout Electricity / SAVAGE "My brain is sparking, better than ever !"
Negatrox XG
Stormfreak Bounty Hunter Air / RAVAGE "Mass destruction, mass domination !"
StormFreak XG
Mr.Spirit Illusionist Spectre / TERROR "I gamble everything on my victory !"
Spirit XG
G.O.L.D.E.N Strategem Time / CHAOS "Time flies like an arrow; so your life will too."
Golden XG
Porkatron XG

Defensive Commander

Ice / AGONY "Getting back the foes to the Ice Age !"
Lumia XG
Scarespring Medecine Plant / ANXIETY "I'll grow back everytime you'll bury me."
ScareSpring XG
Dirtlette Defensive Commander Ground / FURY "Aw Jeez ! Too much waste ! I'll fix that up !"
Dirtlette XG
Waveflood Guardian Water / MISERY "Diving to the deep and long adventures."
WaveFlood XG
Popblight Navigator Weaponry / DANGER "Surrender now or i'll blast you off this world."
PopBlight XG
Pulse Diviner Speed / CHEAT "Let's see if you can keep up my rainbow speed !"
Pulse XG
Hazel Spy Strength / MISFORTUNE "Get ready to be nut kicked !"
Hazel XG


  • The XG Oinker symbol is based of the Deceptihog symbol from Angry Birds Transformers.
  • Each Member has a crown: this is the mark of each member of the team.
  • Even if they're pigs, the XG Oinkers dosen't fight against the birds anymore. That is because of the Bad Piggies "Shadowverse" timeline, since the timeline is 100 years after the events of the Angry Birds games.
  • The Final members of the team will be present on the sequel: "Bad Piggies XG", including Dirtlette, Scarespring, Waveflood, Popblight, Pulse, and Hazel, who have formed a group of girls after the events of the game "Bad Piggies - Mission II: King Pig's Chase". Their Alliance with the XG Oinkers is explained in a web series and comic series, which is between Mission II and Mission III, named "Bad Piggies - Dark Royality".
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