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Something 38

Your Angry Birds is the first Angry Birds game in where you can customize your birds and toilets and actually PLAY with your them.You can buy more than one bird/toilet.Also,you can play with the pig mode where the pigs are trying to steal all the eggs of the world.You can puchase BONUS BIRDS,if you don't have enuogh birds you can buy bonus birds.Bonus birds cost 0.75$ or if you want,you can use one of your friends' birds or toilets free for a couple of days.You can make your own levles and pigs too.



  1. Get and hatch and egg.
  2. feed your hatchling so they can be come stronger.
  3. Lauch your bird into battle.


The pigs are stealing eggs from Bird Island. There's an egg that was left behind, it hatched into woodpecker. It even thinks your it's parent. The reason why those pigs stole those eggs, it's because they don't want to eat them. They want to mutate them to create an army of monster birds. You and the hatchling must stop before it's too late. Red and the other angry birds disappear to Diamond island, so must form the new angry birds.


Tweet the woodpecker (starter) Pecking until it's pops.

Wally the Rock Bird (1-7)