Zytnik Birds
General Info
Powers clawing and exploding things
First Level Appearance: Sonic Boom 1-3
Gender: Male
Species: Anti-Eastern-Blue Bird
Locations: Many
Strength: VERY STRONG!
Size: Small

Zytnik Clawocell (or just plain Zytnik) was injected with Wubbadrenaline Krypnonery (or Wubbzy Energy) and has the same claws as Dr. Octopus in Spider Man 2. Despite his great adventures in space, Zytnik often felt homesick to go to Wubbisland. He strongly hates Riochet and attacked him greatly. When Riochet escaped, he laughed and clawed a building on him, causing him to go through a siezure. Riochet soon recovered with a super-high-tech space suit. Zytnik Clawed on after him into space, causing him to use the Special Jewelds in his wubb cell on his back to do a super boost.

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